Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Chicken That Survived Christmas

What more could a chicken ask for after going through a lot this year. That was the mentality this chicken had after surviving Christmas. The chicken retrospected, from January straight down to December there was an highlight of events worth being greatful for being alive. The chicken however had friends that ended up grilled, fried, boiled, or BLOWN UP.

The chicken had friends that were owned by Barcelona FC fans who had trophies to celebrate 4 times this year. Fortunately this chicken was owned by Arsenal FC no worries there. The Nigerian presidential election was also a fortunate event for him, his owners were CPC. Wonderful losers. It wasn't all smiles especially when the chicken saw how the friends were wasted in the election period. The joy of any chicken was to be cooked with the tastiest sauce during old age but the friends didn't live such life. During that election period a lot were killed for the fun of it at a very young age. Those that thought they had won the election began celebrating before INEC declared them winners. That didn't happen but the chicken was in the pot already.

Boko Haram coward activities also ended the lives of some of this chicken's friends. Some were simply crossing the road when bomb explosion spread their body parts and feathers all across Nigeria. Those were dark days and there seemed to be no end.

The chicken that survived Valentine, Birthdays, Easter, Sallah....Christmas knew he had one more thing to say, "Thank you Almighty God." If this Chicken could praise God....what about you?

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