Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beggar With A Swag

Those of you that live/work in Ikeja, close to Computer Villiage, might have seen this...this sophisticated Beggar [not even sure I should call him a beggar]. This dude is the Lasgidi version of the Naked Cowboy in New York. The dude is blind [at least that was his claim to beg] and wears coloured fashionable suits like the one in the picture. Unlike some low class Lagos beggars, he has a stool to sit, just in case he needs to rest his legs after a long day's work. The height of the stool makes it difficult to look down on/at him because he maintains close to the same height with when he was on his feet. He also has a stick to support his hand as he leaves his palm wide open for people to drop alms. This beggar with a swag doesn't have to pray for you. Sometimes he was busy gisting with his friends, like that guy shining a shoe behind him. That guy polish his shoes too. There was another guy in-charge of his pedicure but he was busy working elsewhere during this photo shoot.

I'm not trying to jack this guy's swagz but why on earth do people give him money. Obviously he isn't a millionaire [then again, maybe he was] but this guy looked comfortable. The best dressed Nigerian have got nothing on him. Did I mention I saw him with a phone once, he wasn't PINGING though. That might be because his hardworking friends, like the one polishing didn't have money to buy a Blackberry so he had no one to add to his BBM.


  1. Tis called persoanl 'branding' lol.

    I've had fun catching up on your posts. good reads!

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