Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Appendix Friends

I have lots of useless people in my life...like appendix useless, just there with no useful function. Like your appendix the only thing they cause is pain and by then you have no choice but to cut them off. I call them Appendix Friends...and everybody have one, two, three, damn! Like malaria they keep coming back, and stronger. They are always there when you take that decision you now regret and they attempt to reorganise your L.I.F.E, twist the "F" and "L" for them to read you easily like a FILE. Some date them and say all those romantic bullshit to 'em. Those are the Appendix boyfriend/ girlfriend...useless as an airconditioner on a bicycle. Like books, these appendix friends deserve to be in the back, yeah....where appendix was meant to be, way after the important stuffs that have meanings.

Too bad most of my appendix friends were females...I have 99 problems and they all bitches...and good for 'em that they all know it. Imagine this...no, don't imagine because I lived it. A girl know you are interested in her and after talking your blah! Blah! Blah! Sh!t She asks you for your friend's number. A guy she happened to meet once and had no interest in her. This guy never mentioned her and as his friend I would have known but he NEVER decleared 1% interest. I gave her the number...least she would get fucked. Then she twists it and claims I'm acting somehow...bitch please?

I witnessed appendix friends at its best when a company retrenched some of her workers...these appendix friends were willing to save their asses and acted shocked and sympathetic when their supposed friend told 'em they were fired. Life is bullshit no doubt but these appendix friends bring it close to your face to make the stench be a constant reminder.

I wish I could tell you to pray against appendix friends and it would all be OK buy Jesus Christ had an appendix friend, Judas...and see how he ended up.

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