Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thanks, to ALL My Childhood Haters

I remember when I was young and had a fight with any of my peers. Even with the venom in my tongue I knew the worst I could do was probably not allow them copy my homework. Then again, by the time we were to meet again I would have forgotten. I grew up feeling I was lucky to have that kind of life especially friends/haters I could fight with anytime I liked and still not watch my back.

Two events within these past few weeks touched me and made me feel ever so lucky for my haters. One was the story of two friends Haylee Fentress and Paige Moravetz both 14 years old. These girls were exposed to the first group of hatters in school, bullies. It was reported these girls were being bullied in school and Halyee got expelled for defending her friend. While that might be regarded as an act of friendship (standing up for someone), what happened next took it to a new height. These two girls made a suicide pact and killed themselves during a sleep over.

The second event was about a 15-year-old boy Seath Tyler Jackson. Michael Bargo, 18 year-old, was dating Seath's ex-girlfriend, Amber Wright (aged 15 years), and had gotten into a fight with him several weeks earlier. Five of his friends were gathered at a house on a Sunday when Michael Bargo began to speak of his hatred for Seath. The conversation then turned into a plan to lure Seath to the house so that Michael could kill him with their assistance. Seath was lured to the house by a text message from Amber saying she wanted to
rekindle their romance and that they should meet. Seath arrived at the location and after being hit on the head Michael shot him several times with a .22-caliber revolver. When Seath tried to escape, another friend Justin Soto, 20, held him down while Michael continued to shoot him. Then Michael broke Seath's knees and the others hog-tied him and put his body in a sleeping bag, which was placed in a fire pit in the back yard and burned. The friends used bleach to clean the house and shoveled Jackson's remains into 5-gallon paint cans and dumped them in a lime rock pit.

After reading these two events I couldn't help but thank my 'haters' both in primary and secondary school for not pushing me that far to kill myself and most especially themselves for not killing me.


  1. I dnt think the bullying in Nigeria is as bad as the one abroad

  2. I thought about that...I guess I should thank my haters and em...Nigeria.

  3. Mehn! Those people sound demon-possessed. God forbid bad thing!

  4. this sounds very familiar... it happened in Jand!