Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dele Momodu: The Man with Hardcore Grassroot Swagz

If there was any candidate that caught my attention prior to Nigeria's presidential election 2011, it was definitely Dele Momodu. Shekarau, another candidate,impressed me during the NN24 Presidential election debate but Dele Momodu depicted what someone described on twitter as 'hardcore grassroot swagz'.

I had known the man as an editor of a glossy magazine called Ovation, an 'African themed version' of UK's OK! Magazine (then again OK! first issue was three years before Ovation), but, there was a vacuum when it came to describing the personality of the man.

One adjective I could now use to describe this man was 'funny'. First of all I found it funny a man from a new party was convinced within his constitutional rights he could be the president of Nigeria. I love underdog stories but the odds I perceived surpassed Tottenham FC defeating Real Madrid FC, being 4-nil down on aggregate, during their first-leg Champions League encounter. Like I said, initially I thought it was a joke but this candidate was all out to convince Nigerians he was a political animal as well. According to him, he had been behind the scenes of Nigerian politics "like Don Jazzy behind D'banj". Such comparison is what made me also support the motion this candidate indeed had hardcore grassroot swagz.

It was a youth focused presidential debate that convinced me beyond doubts that this man was hilarious. He described himself as a "senior refugee" to Ribadu, another candidate, because he spent an extra year on exile during the military rule. No doubt he provided basic solutions to our basic Nigeria problems but his method of expression depicted him as the comedian of the lot. For instance during his closing statement on why he should become president. Dele Momodu took his time and began with, "My...fellow...Nigerians" and everyone burst into laugh. Those that found it funny knew it was a jab at the first lady who was known for her poor knowledge of the English language. She was noted for beginning her address to widows at an occasion with "My Fellow Widows". That made people question sarcastically, "when did the president die?" That wasn't the only time he had taken a jab at the first lady, one of his twitter update was "#WhenDeleMomoduBecomesPresident Nigerians will have a First Lady who is a Chartered Accountant; a woman who will not embarrass Nigerians." That to me was a low blow but the truth hurts.

Still, I respected his opinion that "the only place where a Pope rules today is the Vatican. Despite his many sins, Berlusconi is the Prime Minister of Italy." It would no doubt take someone with a high level of ruthlessness to change Nigeria. In Nigeria "the poor hate the poor and the rich hate the rich". Those where statements that convinced me despite the smiles and wise cracks it wouldn't be business as usual.

I thought stakeholders in the Nigeria entertainment industry would support him overwhelmingly, I was wrong. I guess the N200million ($1.3million) promised by the president going for a re-run to the 'entertainment industry' was enough to buy majority of their support. I was disappointed, P-Square's deal sponsorship deal with Globacom Nigeria was worth N240million (N40million more) according to magazines report, so what was the buzz about over N200million for the 'entertainment INDUSTRY'. This piece is not about that (that one is for after the election), this is about Dele Momodu, the man with Hardcore Grassroot Swagz.

I watched a video he used for campaign that had fuji stars including Shina Peters and I learnt one thing, this man can dance a little. Besides that, the video made me retrospect. Seeing Shina Peters doing his signature dance move, where he tilts his body to the left then raise his left shoulder twice and vice versa, I remembered when I was young when Shina Peters was the King in my house. Those were great/pure times and it was only psychological to condition it with Dele Momodu. Beyond the song I asked myself if this candidate was going to bring those good times back?

Although this candidate might not WIN VOTES he had definitely won FANS and that was more important and still COUNTS even after the election.

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  1. I also like dele momodu. i used to read his articles that were at the back of "thisday" newspapers. I doubt he'll come close to winning though.