Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life Cycle of a Product: Females

I've always seen girls as products and like all products they had to be well packaged and appeal to the consumers and in this case, men. However there was a time-line to achieve that because like products there was a life cycle. You could also see it as making sure the bride price had been paid before the expire date.

Like all cycles there were stages and females are no exception, they grow: their beauty peaks, and everything turns grey and fall *ouch. Truth was females face different challenges on who to settle for/with, more like a negotiation process- who should they settle with. They "require different marketing, financing, manufacturing, purchasing, and human resource strategies in each life cycle stage." The failure to find a husband at a stage leads to them moving on to the next one which reduces the probability of finding Mr. Right.

STAGE 1NE: Market introduction stage: Age 14 to 21 years.
1. costs of a guy getting a girl are very high. Either time, money, or creativity.
2. slow start in decision making when it comes to giving any guy time to negotiate. Moreover, the guys they meet/like are usually classmates and neighbours.
3. little or no competition from other girls. Almost all their close friends have a boyfriend or a guy on their neck. There was no rush to be in a relationship.
4. demand has to be created:
5. customers/guys have to be prompted- this they achieve by heavy beauty grooming-to try the product. When a girl wants attention at this stage she know what to do.
6. usually do not meet a future husband at this stage.

STAGE 2WO: Growth stage: Age 22 to 28
1. costs reduced due to economies
of scale: The girl hardly feels alone, spend her money, or in dire need to be in an exclusive relationship cause there are lots of guys negotiating for her product.
2. sales volume increases
significantly: The number of guys a girl meets increases significantly
3. profitability begins to rise as the girl begins to meet 'reasonable guys'.
4. public awareness increases about the girl being in the single's market
5. competition begins to increase
with a few new players establishing themselves in the market: these 'players' include their peers plus girls emerging into the market introduction stage.
6. increased competition leads to
price decreases: High unreasonable demands from girls reduce as they leave this stage being single.

STAGE 3HERE: Maturity
stage: Age 29 to 38
1. costs are lowered as a result of
production volumes increasing
and experience curve effects:
2. sales volume peaks and market
saturation is reached: Girls know retirement is close by.
3. increase in competitors entering
the market: The number of girls they had to compete with at this stage is enormous.
4. prices tend to drop due to the
proliferation of competing
products/girls: this is the stage where most girls completely put away their pride and would settle for Mr. Right-Now.
5. brand differentiation and feature
diversification is emphasized to
maintain or increase market
share: Brand differentiation girls at this stage depict is usually 'maturity' and 'high level of understanding', some even foot the guy's bills. They want the guy to understand how special/different they were.
6. Industrial profits go down. At this point there is no need to make outrageous demands.

STAGE 4OUR. Saturation
and decline: Age 38 to ...
1. costs become counter-optimal
2. sales volume decline or stabilize
3. prices, profitability diminish
4. profit becomes more a challenge
of production/distribution
efficiency than increased sales

I know girls who wouldn't agree with me but sadly this isn't debatable. You can not leave a tomato on a table and expect it to be always fresh. Sure feel free to play the religious card, if it wasn't that serious you wouldn't have to in the first place.


  1. The more i read ur blogposts, the more i question what kind of guy you are,lol smh. u sound like one of those backwards african men in the village that see their wives as objects rather than people..*jst saying*

  2. ^ backward ?

    @threadstarter; gosh! your brain is so about one for the guys?

    #smhIn slow :)

  3. lol.. u dont even know me so how can u comment on my brain. child sit!
    and errm.. i said backwards not backward. save your gramatic correction for yourself yo!

  4. I don't write about what is right/wrong but my experiences and how I decide to express it is purely subjective and based on how I believe it would be entertaining. Am I backward? Maybe/maybe not. Do I believe girls 'depreciate' in value...yes.