Friday, March 15, 2013

www.NSCDC and other Nigeria Websites

In the spirit of "my Oga at the top", I'll share 7 Nigerian websites you probably never knew existed. If you had logged on at least 3 of them you must be a Gbenga Sesan in the making.

It's a bit surprising to realise a Nigeria football club with a website, considering the perception our local league isn't organised. The website belongs to Shooting Stars of Ibadan.

NEPA/PHCN has a website. You'll probably need a generator to access it. I am certain the website designer/published added "generator" as operating expense.

For a website about the National Gallery of Art...see for yourself.

I had no idea the station still exist not to mention a website. TOO COLOURFUL... Looks like they hired the services of one of those "DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE FOR ₦15,000 - CALL 080..."

"www.nscdc...that's all" is actually that's all

This website looks like a pirated copy of Alaba International market; I doubt if it has to do with the same Alaba International Market. I was confused if it was designed by the administrators of the market OR...a boy like that.

Who knew Nigeria had a probably assumed BUT do you know the content. All you see is the picture of the President. I know he is the number one citizen BUT is he the only citizen.

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