Sunday, September 8, 2013

₦400 Million Target OR Resign...What a Temptation

I understand the importance of target in organisations to achieve goals. I am totally comfortable with that, except when such targets become bloated and appear unrealistic. Sure, with effort, sweat, and blood it can be achieve BUT why should one put herself/himself in constant exposure of that? The truth is, it's a serious rat race there's no end. I witnessed someone get promoted for surpassing assigned target only to be sacked in less than 4 months for not meeting the next target.

I found myself in such industry with outrageous targets. Targets that will emotionally drain an individual not strong enough. In the past 2 weeks all I thought of was an exit plan until one presented itself...produce ₦400m or resign, I have to admit the OFFER is tempting.

Yes, it's an offer and like I said VERY tempting because both options hold equal value.

There's the fear of uncertainty...what's out there? How will I cope? But if I lived my life with such vivid in my conscious, I probably won't be where I am.

So the offer stands till the end of September. I know there'll be insults, and probably suspension till then.
I know it's way too early to live my life like this and I welcome an exit plan.

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