Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sons of Men

I wrote my first book in 2006, bet you didn't know that. I came up with the idea after I was done with secondary school. I was bored stiff sitting at home and decided to something I hadn't done. I hate reading novels and so I decided to write one...the kind of book I would love to read. In 2 weeks I completed it. I titled it "Sons of Men".

The excitement was new to me, I had no idea how it was going to end and I grew attached to the characters. I even named one after myself. I wasn't interested in getting published initially, I didn't even know what that was. I just wanted people to read it. I wrote the Prologue on forum then and I received a warning email. Users weren't allowed to write copyrighted materials on the site. I thought my grammar should have given me away it was mine, and I was an amateur. That felt like an award to me, because someone thought it was from an accomplished writer.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the Prologue and decided to share it with you, unedited...


In this life there are people,people just like you and i with different beliefs,hopes and fears.

There are people who believe that nature will forever remain at an equilibrium and that we are all controlled by her forces.Whenever man's activities on this earth is getting out of control,nature is forced to show who is in control.

Some are lost in the unending quest for knowledge,power and fictional immortality.These are poeple who believe that their destiny is in their own hands when it comes to how sucessful you are going to be in this life.In order to have,you have to learn how to have-not.

Some have found themselves with no place nor role in this world and desire to fill their void with whatever only them see fit.

Some believe that none of our action is based on our own free will but as a result of several decisions taken by others in our environment. Therefore no man should be held responsible for his actions either good or bad because it is directly or indirectly based on influence by others.

Some also do not believe in the presence of super natural forces and are in support of scientific evolution of man.Every man must cater for themselves because every man is for himself.

All these people have to seek and fulfill their quest in this life whatever that is.But no matter how different and unequal men see themselves one thing remains a fact,and that is all men are born of men.The similarity that we all share in this life is that we are all SONS OF MEN.The focus is now what happens when these Sons Of Men collide.

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