Monday, May 14, 2012


On this day, Monday 14th of May, 2012 I decided to make this announcement out of my own volition. I wasn’t coerced, intimidated, or blackmailed to make this decision. Without prejudice, I decided to no longer purchase call credit/top-ups or any fund that would be used by the opposite sex to acquire such. Why? They fucking don’t deserve it [most of the time].

I grew up believing money never gets the girl’s emotions only her attention. With that in mind I cautioned myself spending on girls but I somehow found myself buying call credit for girls constantly. I had spent N5,000 in 3 days buying credit for girls and the fucked up part was I wasn’t dating any. Most of the time I buy ‘em just to make them stop flashing my phone. 

Out of all expenses, phone bill should be the cheapest. If it isn’t to you then you must be broke so you do not count. So I am surprised why a girl would call a guy for credit, especially when she had a N30,000 hair extensions on her hair. I remember Abby, she was one of those girls that acted like she didn’t need a man in her life, like she was self-sufficient. I was with a friend when I asked her why she had not subscribed to her Blackberry Internet Service (BIS), this babe told me she would do so that evening. Her excuse was she had been preoccupied with other things. That evening the babe sent me a text requesting I pay for her. “Hell No!” I couldn’t blame her, after all, I dropped N3,000 for her to pay for the previous month without her asking. She wanted to turn me to that guy whose friendship with her would be based on that. Now, she subscribes every 2 months and I’m happy for her.

A friend of mine bought MTN call credit for a girl he was hitting on; she called him back to thank him with a GLO line.  Who was she reserving the MTN credit for? Acts like that are irrational. A chic I buy credit for ‘cause I knew her situation called me recently to question why I don’t call her regularly. I also paid for her BIS subscription like it was my tithe and yet, she was making an issue out of not calling.

To all those girls and the future ones, I have pressed the red button on my phone. To be honest, it isn't about the money but no one likes the feeling of being cheated. In such situations, the millions you had in your account equaled a cent someone played you for a fool to get.

Anyway, that’s my announcement. I know girls would still ask but thank God I was raised on how to say, “Hell No” with a smile on my face.


  1.'re not gonna put minutes on my phone?!?

    1. You don't need me, you are a big girl [no pun intended].

  2. Replies
    1. Confirm. The money I was supposed to give a girl for credit would be spent on movie ticket to watch The Avengers.