Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The [D] Project: Time To Go (pt. 10 of 13)

Part 7: Pot Calling Kettle Black
Part 8: Will You Marry You? 

Part 9: The Date

Once upon a time in 2011, I allowed a girl live with me in my room for what was supposed to be a few days. The plan was she crashed with me till she got her own apartment. Her name was [D], a chic that looked like sex from the south-south. Although things ended up like... I look back at that period to realise I learnt a lot. That period is known as The-[D]-Project.

[D] had stayed with me in my room for a couple of weeks and I was yet to make any sexual advance. Yea she looked like sex, we slept in the same bed and all, but I wasn't attracted to her enough to take any chance. I had guys who thought I should have tapped that ass at least, on the second night but I don't do my things that way. I also had the belief if I did make any sexual advance and she responded positively, it would be difficult to get her to leave my room. I had my privacy at stake and no babe/chic was worth it.

If she wanted to take her bath I stepped out of the room and just let her do her thing. During the first few days she would lock herself in because she believed I would walk in to see her naked. She said a guy had done that in the past and attempted to rape her (then again, what haven't a man tried with her). She probably got tired or realised I wasn’t motivated to attempt such and stopped locking the door. She also stopped waking me to leave my room whenever she wanted to bathe in the mornings. It seemed she was comfortable around me.

This girl that once said she wasn't attracted to me told me she felt something for me. She claimed it was only naturally that people that lived together to have feelings for each other, especially a guy that was caring. She admitted she found me attractive but the reason she couldn't date me was because I was still a child. I was like, "I thought it was because your Pastor said I wasn't the one".
One day she asked me the last time I had sex. Truth was I made sure I didn’t play any match with her around and she must have thought...iono, maybe she just wanted to know. I downplayed the question, I felt uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going. She was getting too comfortable. But she believed I had been deprived of sex.

From that moment she turned to a "follower" of Sigmund Freud and used sex to explain all my actions. If I change my position in bed she would say it was because I was horny and suggest I call my girlfriend. She suggested I massage her ass by standing on it (this was possible because it was huge) and take pictures of her in bum shorts and all that. One night she asked me if I was turning in bed because I was horny and I replied I was cold and she moved closer by resting her head on my chest. Minutes later she said she was wet but I did nothing.

As I was about to leave for work that morning and she said she would give me a kiss if I waited for her so we could leave together...I waited. Days that followed, she began to cook and do all those things when I pressed ‘Pause’. I asked myself, wasn't this girl supposed to have been in her own apartment by now? Her aunt was back in town and had given her N100,000 to get an apartment and this babe was playing house just to get to stay.

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