Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The [D] Project:: Adventure of a Homeless Girl (pt. 3 of 13)

[D] had been in Lagos before. She was around for few days, years ago, to participate in the Lagos audition of Nigeria Idol. She believed she had the voice of a sparrow but the judges thought it was that of a duck...she was sent back home. The NYSC programme brought her back to Lagos but she had the issue of accommodation to tackle. Her aunt promised to help her out despite she was married and wasn’t based in Lagos. She left camp to stay with a friend she made there in a private hostel, Skyfield, while she waited for her aunt to travel down in Lagos. She had an experience of how Lagos babes could behave which she wasn’t cool with. Her aunt was around days later and linked her up with an estate agent to hook her up with an apartment. 

The aunt left the country before the agent could get a place she liked. Since it wasn’t her money being spent she had a ‘cost isn’t a hindrance’ mentality. The agent would check her at Skyfield and drive her round Lagos under the pretext they were on an apartment hunt. He finally got a place for her, a one room apartment, and by then he confessed he had developed feelings towards her. Those ‘I can’t explain how it happened but I’ve fallen for you’ type of feeling. He made a suggestion before he handed her the key.

This ESTATE AGENT told her he was also homeless [ironic]. He was also in desperate need of an apartment and would like if they stayed together while he searched for another one for himself. She wasn't cool with him or the idea. Her refusal made him retrieve the key and left her homeless. He said he would refund the money but not to her, her aunt, who wasn't in the country. Skyfield was no longer an option because the babe she stayed with had to leave.

Her aunt linked her with one of her husband’s friend living in Lagos for her to stay for few weeks till she returned to sort her accommodation problem. The husband’s friend wanted to f*ck her but that was after he spent a lot on her. I know that wasn’t enough to justify trying to fuck a girl, but it was safe for a girl who looked like sex and stayed alone with a single man not to make outrageous demands plus accept expensive gifts. To the ladies, generosity was a man giving you what you need like food not spoiling you with jewels. She said he wasn't successful in his attempts which infuriated him to the point of scheming with his friends to rape her. She found out from his phone discussion with his friend and packed out immediately. Once again she was homeless.

She made contact with a long lost relative, a successful single woman in her 40s. She was also an official in a church and had everything going on except a husband which she needed [desperately]. She had a boyfriend though. He was younger and jobless. She found nothing wrong with that arrangement; after all it would be acceptable if they switched roles. [D]’s presence made her uncomfortable. She had accepted her to stay over the phone with no idea she had grown up to look like sex. She accused her of stealing her perfume and that was her reason to justify why she kicked her out. Once again, she was homeless.

[D] left, boarded a bus to no where, crying, when the chic that sat beside her took pity.  [D] explained her predicament and the chic decided to help. The chic told her she had travelled from Enugu to stay with her boyfriend and invited her to stay with them. What she didn’t tell [D] was the boyfriend rented a one-room apartment. The fact was the chic had no idea because she saw her boyfriend for the first time with [D]. Prior to then their relationship had existed only on Facebook. [D] was uncomfortable with the arrangement. She slept on the floor while the couple used the small size mattress. The boyfriend was also uncomfortable. Days later they all had to leave. [D] was once again homeless.

And now, she was with me. It was my turn. She boarded a bus from the chic’s place down to see me. After hearing her adventure I was convinced this babe was determined to stay over. Minutes later she made me talk to her whole family in Delta state on phone [except her dad]. The mum thanked me for accommodating her daughter [as if I had agreed]. They made me appear like an angel. [D] agreed it would only be for a few days and her aunt was bound to return soon since.

There was no doubt [D] was comfortable immediately she stepped into my crib and Stamford Bridge. Even with the idea that we had to sleep in the same room, same bed, and the possibility for some sexually explicit sh!t going down. With what she had been through I might have been perceived as harmless. To be honest, I had no sexual intention. Yea, she looked like sex but I had pride sex couldn’t control. 

While she unpacked the little she had she mentioned bringing the rest of her stuff the following day. “Where are they?” I asked. She mentioned an area not far from my place. That got me confused because she never mentioned that in her story. She made it appear I was the last/only option which in fact she had a placed she stay but decided to leave because it was more of a ghetto and felt deserved more. Rationalizing from her story, her act including calling her mum to thank me, I knew this girl was deceptive. I had this feeling she was out for the highest bidder and self-cantered. It wasn’t late to kick her out but decided to let her stay although I had a feeling I would regret it.


  1. hehehe.......i enjoyed this story.
    errrmmmm, you are a very nice person sha, lets hope D is not a hooker just making up all the stories

    1. I'm not making up anything, only writing it.


  2. I'm gonna need for you to stop dragging your feet on this story. i just wanna read the whole thing already!