Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012: What? Why? How?

March 2012 would be over in a few hours but there are questions it failed to answer and hopefully April 2012 would do justice to them.

• What is the difference between Peak Milk (Holland) and Peak Milk (Nigeria)?

• Why isn't the violence in Syria getting attention?

• Will the KONY2012 supporters succeed in pasting KONY2012 posters all over the world as planned on April 20th?

These are not questions but...

Indomie Noodles, If you want to reduce the quantity of your super pack, feel free. But remove the "net weight 120g" before you get sued.

R.I.P Osaze Osifo. I had no idea who this guy was but from the calibre of people that spoke about his life & what was said, this man was must have been great.

Finally watched KONY2012 video and realised all I read was true...wonderful editing.

And Fernando Torres scored this month...thrice


  1. Okay so this what why how is a monthly installment? Cool.
    I haven't watched the KONY video only the excerpt. Not too interested, but wish them well. I totally admire how they mustered up the support they did.

    How far with Indomie beef. Pele. I could never finish that large pack alone :(
    Difference between Peak Holland and Peak Nigeria? Location of production I'd think. Maybe your taste buds will tell you if there's any other.
    Osaze Osifo? Name sounds familiar

    1. I don't like Milk so I doubt I would notice the difference between Peak Milk Nigeria/Holland but I hear Peak Milk Holland was more expensive. If the quality was the same Peak Milk Holland shouldn't be sold.

      Watch KONY2012'll definitely have an opinion.