Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The [D] Project: [Any] Needs A Favour (pt. 1 of 13)

I was in the living room, watching MTV and chatting on my Blackberry device with [Any]. [Any] could be regarded as my ex that I never was a ‘it's complicated’ kind of arrangement. The last time I saw her was the day before I left for NYSC camp in Adamawa state which was over 2 months ago [and counting]. From what she typed I knew she was about to ask me a question...

Prior to the last time we met we had not been on ‘communication terms’. I was [always] ready to talk but she didn’t want to listen. If there was anyone that would have made me interested in serving in Lagos it was her because I couldn’t imagine a year apart from just seeing her. Since she was avoiding me I was ready to be posted anywhere away from everybody especially her. My service year would be one of self-discovery and hopefully an opportunity to detox myself from the [remnant] feelings I had. The week before posting were released she began to answer my calls and invited me over to her house. I saw that as a green light and I had a change of mind. I wanted to serve in Lagos more than ever. I was in her house the day I found out I was posted to Adamawa state while she would remain in Lagos for service. I was devastated [I ain’t gonna lie]. Things were about to turn out into something beautiful and NYSC posting was about to fuck me up. I walked out that day leaving behind my assurance of redeploying. She was cool with that and made me believe she looked forward to my return. She even borrowed some amount of money promising to pay back when I returned [by the way I'm still waiting for bank alert]. I became determined to return after the 3 weeks orientation camp. It might sound stupid but the feeling I had for a girl motivated me to redeploy. I hadn’t seen her since I returned. I wanted to but she kept playing the ‘busy’ card which was a prelude to her totally ignoring me. The reason I redeployed didn’t give a shit I did.

...I told her to go ahead with the question. She asked to know if there was any unoccupied room in my [father's] house. That was an unusual question. A girl who had avoided me since my return asked if there was an unoccupied room in my home. My first guess was she needed a place to crash but the context in which she asked suggested it was for someone else. But seriously, it would have been great if my-ex-that-I-never-dated and probably had feelings for was living with me in the same house. What a thought. Obviously there wasn’t any unoccupied room but if someone needed a place to crash for a day or two something could be worked out. She said it wasn't for her to completely clear all doubts but a FEMALE FRIEND.

"Well, as long as she was fine, sexy, and single I wouldn't mind. She could even stay in Stamford Bridge,” I typed jokingly.

I asked to know the story behind the friend, if I knew her. She said it was a girl she met in camp and was having serious accommodation problem. She made it sound really urgent and I had seconds to let her know if it was possible or not. She added it would be for a few days while she searched for her own place.

I would have asked why her friend couldn’t stay with her but I knew [Any]. She respected her privacy to allow another girl cramp her lifestyle. I told her I would assist and by that I meant she could stay in my crib for a while until she found a place which I hoped would be within a week.

I asked her personal questions about her friend and she failed to provide satisfactory answers. My fear of allowing girls sleep over was that I would wake up to find them abscond with half of my properties. In other words I wanted to know if she had itchy fingers in camp. Her answers only led to burning questions and I was at the point of changing my mind. It appeared they never got on a personal level and her decision to help out was because it would cost her nothing. Not time, money, and privacy. All she had to do was point to my direction for her to walk towards but on the surface it would appear she cared. I knew if I permit the girl to stay in my house it would be because I wanted to help out someone I didn’t know. [Any] NEVER did one thing that deserved me assisting her in time of need. Like I said, the last time I saw [Any] was the day before I left for camp and since I returned I had received the silent treatment. I had to rationalize why she answered my calls in the first place before leaving for camp. My answer was because she needed to borrow money [that she would never return] from me. The last time [Any] text me out of the blue was a week before her birthday. She text and invited me over after I called to come over the following day which I honoured. I realized her hair was a mess and she had a friend's sister's wedding to attend in few days. With that information it seemed she only invited me over to spend on her. I made up my mind I wasn't going to spend a penny then because the motivation for inviting me was too selfish and exploitative. She didn't ask me to in the first place but I knew her too well.

I requested for the girl’s phone number and would prefer to talk to her directly. So far I had a conditional yes. Her staying with me would depend on the result of the assessment I intend to have after spending time to talk to her. All I need was few hours with her and I would make my decision.


  1. Ogbeni Storyteller,

    Na Nigerian movie? Must there be part 2.. ? Finish jare..

    LOl... U have a way with words....

    I know you already know.. But just stating the obvious..

    1. I could upload in a post but it would be lengthy. Anyway, thanks.

  2. Part 1 or 13?!? what kind of epic is this that it requires 13 parts???

    In any event i will waiting for part 2...

    1. Just to make it clear how long it was. It's quite interesting.