Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Help the Conjition of my friend in Turkey

Conjition (adjective): A state of intense agro.

Agro (adjective): being fucking horny.

A friend travelled earlier in the year, January, to Turkey for educational purpose [not like those in Malaysia for the same reason]. He got admission into a university for an undergraduate degree. He could have done that in Nigeria, maybe he thought a foreign university the look nice on his CV. A Turkish one for that matter. Turkey was one of the countries I had limited knowledge of. I think it was a Muslim state vying for a spot in the European Union [I think, I am not sure]. Anyway, I chat with my friend quite often and he recently opened to me his condition, conjition.

He told me he was horny, like fucking horny, and for almost six months he had been away he was yet to have sex. He had a steady girlfriend before he travelled so he wasn't used to not getting a regular does of sex. His condition was a severe conjition that he was sweating/sneezing sperm [yea, it's an exaggeration but you get the point]. He was at a point if you cut his flesh open he would bleed sperm because his body was dying for an orgasmic release.

He told me of the hot/cold attitude of babes in Turkey. They say "I love you today" and for no apparent reason say "I don't love you again" the following week [maybe that was the only English language they understood]. It wouldn't have been an issue if he got to nack while they were still "in love". The male Turks didn't make it easy for him. He claimed they were jealous plus had a possessive attitude towards "their women".

I suggested he date Nigerians over there and he said that was worse. That he was not financially capable to date a Nigerian in Turkey. Even in Turkey they had the Nigerian attitude of making outrageous demands. It was cheaper to f*ck prostitutes than date a female Nigerian.

My friend is fucking horny and considering he had 3 more years to go I decided to cry out to people, anyone who was in Turkey of travelling there soon to 'hep' my friend's conjition before he turns into a pillar of sperm and starts impregnating females by talking to them. If you could help please leave a comment and his sexual performance would be your reward.

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