Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012: What? Why? How?

July came and ended in like 24 hours. I can still remember the 1st of July (metaphorically). You know, there were still some things that went down led to questions I don't have answers to. This is July 2012's "What? Why? How?"

• Why has Kanye/Kim relationship last this long?

• What is wrong with NEPA because I doubt I've enjoyed electricity like this since I was born?

• Where would Van Persie's end up next season?

• How would the opening ceremony of the Olympics have been if Lagos was the host city?

• Will Dark Knight Rises still become the highest grossing movie of the year, considering the tragedy at Aurora?

Posting on this blog via email became difficult. I have over 200 posts and less than probably 20 was updated with the use of a computer. I usually type 'em on my phone and send to an email linked to this blog to update automatically. But Google fall my hand. It stopped working, I'm not even sure this will update as I'm about to give it another try...

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