Friday, February 11, 2011

When a Girl goes Sharon Stone on You

When I first heard the saying by William Congreve, "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned," I didn't get it. I had an idea but I was young and had no experience to backup my understanding of the statement. How could love turned into hate be so dangerous to compare to heaven's rage, not to mention a female's disdain for someone? I understood it years later when a girl went Sharon Stone on a guy. By that I meant her character, Catherine Tramell, in the Basic Instinct movies.

Women could be loving, just like Rottweilers, until they decide to have you for breakfast. I have read vicious acts by females in Newspapers. Maybe they were sensational stories but pictures do say a thousand words. There was a man's naked picture I saw once. His wife bathed his penis with hydrochloric acid as a punishment for cheating. In my opinion the punishment was too severe. That was the sort of thing I would reserve for a terrorist. I witnessed the power of acid once. A foreman used it to clean ceramic floor tiles and toilet seats that had been cover with stains. You could inhale the fumes as the acid burnt off the stains leaving the floor sparkling white. That was the same liquid a female used in bathing a man’s penis.

I had an experience involving one of my neighbours when his wife went Sharon Stone on him. The guy was married to a very beautiful wife with a wicked shape. The type of woman you feel tempted to compliment as she walked pass and the urge only grew stronger knowing she had two kids, yet maintained that shape. Regardless she was his legally he still had to always be on top of his game. Men these days don’t give a damn if a woman was married when they were attracted to her. They might even suggest getting the husband a better job in an effort to bed her. His wife, despite being a university graduate, became a housewife. She stayed at home, watching Merlin season 1 to wherever and Africa Magic, while he solely laboured for the family financially. He bought their first car which his wife used while he continued with public transport. This man did all he could to please her. She got bored and got a job. That was the beginning of the end. To cut the long story short, she met men that made her husband seem boring. In two months she was ready to leave him. She made a statement before her exit with the kids from their home, "Do you think I married you because I love you? I married you because I wanted to leave my father's house." She met another man, one more financially stable. She didn’t make any demand from her husband. Didn’t want anything from him. It’s been three years now and she was yet to make an appearance in their home. I saw the poor guy once, buying biscuit for dinner on his way home from work.

I had a friend who met a chic during his NYSC service year in Ebonyi state. She girl looked aiit but her attitude was shit. She was a virgin and that blinded my guy from admitting she had an awful personality. He found it amazing to meet a twenty-something year-old virgin, a breed of females on the verge of extinction, during his service year. He once regarded her as having the qualities of a wife while they were dating. They lived in separate apartments opposite each other in the same building. It was his idea not to cohabitate since she was a virgin and he believed if they slept together he would be tempted to have sex.
My guy had a female friend who visited whenever she was in town and the girlfriend suspected he was having an affair. The girlfriend became jealous and the uncertainty of what they taled about all day behind closed door fuelled it. One particular day the girl slept over. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Like faith would have it the girlfriend woke up early the next morning to find the girl leaving his room. She became convinced the boyfriend fucked her. What she did to retaliate was an act I find difficult to justify even with my B.Sc in Psychology. She visited a mutual friend they had, seduced him, and fucked him. Yea she was a virgin, the guy confirmed it. He thought it was a typical horny girl wants quick fuck situation until she bled on his bed sheet. My guy was still in the dark of that event when the girlfriend came into the room and told him she was ready to have sex. After asking “are you sure?” as if he cared he agreed. According to him she began to laugh hysterically during the first round. She told him what she did and the reason behind it. She made a point she slept with his friend to hurt him. She added, "You think you can take my virginity and sleep with other girls." The guy obviously was dumbfounded, "how on earth do you think that would hurt me?"
They made up after that [miraculously] but things only got worse. After any fight she was fond of saying, "I curse you with the blood of my virginity I shed on your bed." True there was a little shed but he wasn't the first to get there. They fought physically countless times till he was done with service and ran back to Lagos never to see her again.

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