Friday, February 25, 2011


Growing up, one of the first things I learnt [probably before 'Up NEPA!'] was the importance of money. The logic was simple, if you don't have this [money] then you can't have these...that...those...and them. So I began the paper chase race early, coming up with money making concepts. Some of the ideas I had early in life would probably have made me a Zukerberg by now but the disadvantage of growing up in Nigeria was Nigeria herself. I have one which I'm going to share with you and I won't lie, it sounds ridiculous to me, but as I remember Gary Dahl... *ever heard of him?* Well, he became a millionaire by selling rocks which you could use as pets, pet rocks...I had hope. As in, there was nothing special about the stones he sold, just normal pebbles the size of your finger being sold as 'pets' and people actually paid for it. Mine would/should/could change the world. It's called Sex in a Can and like the name implies, it is sex packaged in a can just like your baked beans.

Why it should sell?
Sex is a biological need everyone experience the urge to satisfy. Some are inhibited by religion, others by culture and morals but that doesn't take away the urge. EVERYONE gets turned on. An issue with having sex especially with the widespread of STDs and bastards was how to have safe sex. How could a person enjoy sex and not be punished for their stupidity? So prophylactics were made. Still, we were being told condoms were not 100 percent safe. For those who had found a way to have safe sex, the issue was now how to enjoy sex and be satisfied. Drugs were made for this including Spanish Fly. Even if you had all these the issues was now when/who and how to have sex especially if you were the busy type.
Sex in a Can would be the perfect product for virgins, sex addicts, and those who need to have an orgasm but too tired/unable/scared to have sex. In theory all you have to do was open the can, drink the content and have the flushing sensation...orgasm. Guys would never get to hear the, "Stop it! Stop it!" Some girls before having sex again and virgins get to have sex as they like without losing their virginity.

Let's go to the Lab
It is possible to have an orgasm and experience the whole flushing sensation without having sex. It's all in the brain. You need proof? Wet dreams. While awake it is not the case. So far no drug have been perfected to enable you have an orgasm without contact. Having sex goes through the following stages, Desire, Excitation, Plateau, Orgasm then Resolution. The best sex enhancer drugs would get you to the Plateau stage but not enough to have an orgasm. Sex in a Can would take you to the final two stages. The truth is these drugs you take only enhance or slow down what you already have in your body. Take for instance dopamine. The body contains dopamine. Dopamine can make you very high. But why don't you get high on a daily? See it like this, each dopamine travel from a neuron to another, like travelling using buses to get to their final location. Once they got to a bus stop they had to walk to another bus stop to take a new ride to a new location. Imagine the walk takes place in the blood stream. Now each dopamine had a specific time to get on the next bus. If the dopamine stayed longer walking or 'misses the bus' you get high- they were now staying longer in the blood. So what could make it delay before getting to next bus stop? One is Cocaine. See Cocaine as one hot chic that distracts the dopamine from getting to its destination. My point is cocaine itself does not make us high, our body itself could make that happen. Drugs only assist.

Two are two approaches to achieving Sex in a Can. One, combining a sexual stimulant with an hallucinogen. Tentatively horny goat week with marijuana to achieve a wet dream state but that could make someone sleep off as a side effect. The second approach which I see a best bet was to develop a drug that would temporarily make you experience symptoms of Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). Individuals with PSAS could experience over 100 orgasms in a day. They could be walking down the street with their phone in the pocket, a call comes in or even a text, their phone vibrates and they have an orgasm immediately. They could even jump and have an orgasm as they land. They are different from nymphos or satyros [male counterpart of a nympho] because they don't have the constant urge to have sex, to them having orgasms had become an involuntary action. During the clinical test stages it would be perfected not to have a lasting effect. You could be walking down the street while having your orgasm.
Sadly [or not] Sex in a Can would no doubt affect one of the oldest occupation, prostitution. But the benefits outweighs the cost.

Sex in a Can would be the coolest thing since ipods. You could have a visitor and say, "What can I offer you, Juice, water, sex [in a can]?" STDs and bastards would reduce drastically. Even those women that have been married for years without an orgasm would experience what it felt like. So if you are down to invest leave a comment for others to read 'cause I'm not...just came up with another concept. It's about...


  1. Send me a sample =) But we may need to rename it for the Nigerian market

  2. Sample...hmmm. Sorry but the only sample we have now isn't in a's attached to a human.