Tuesday, February 22, 2011

...And I said Nothing

I had called countless times with countless words in my head recited countless times yet she didn't pick. The best statistician could not compute the total number of available options of things I could have said or the ways I would have said them. Still when I finally saw her in person I said nothing. Not with my mouth, neither with my eyes. My body chose to ignore her existence. If she was distant from me, not miles, but maybe she was at the other side of the road, I would still have used the excuse that she was far away and felt good. But guess what? *What* She was by my side. For close to twenty minutes she sat by my side and I became the man who couldn't move. Even if I chose to deny and claim my eyes didn't see her, my nose didn't, it couldn't. I knew how every inch of her smelt. It was one ride that led to the same destination but different roads.

As usual I had my earphones on and my ipod continued to shuffle through my recently added songs I didn't need to hear at that time. Songs including 'Fall for Your Type' by Jamie Foxx and Drake, then 'Please don't Go' by Mike Posner, 'Lover Lover' by Jerrod Niemann, and 'Undiscovered' by James Morrison. The soundtracks to the bus ride wasn't nice at all. We got to the bus stop and had to wait for her to alight before I could. I watched her walk away never to look back. Can't believe I was so 'close' to [Any] once again and I said nothing.


  1. awww why didnt u talk na?
    is it a rue story and is she lyk ur ex or wat?

  2. Yea, an ex. I refer to her on my blog as [Any] which re occurs a lot. My first post was about her '[Any] or Nothing' a wrote it in school. I called her about...20 minutes ago and she didn't pick. Guess I should have done something but hey! There's no such thing as coincidence, it could happen again.