Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guy, Airtel is giving free...Mtshew! Abeg, let me hear word

"Anything free is poison" My lecturer said that countless times. There was dire need for the emphasis, people seemed to forget say na awuf dey run belle. Me...I try as much as possible not to get carried away with hand-outs. I don't even participate in promotions because after calculating the probability of winning, I would be stupid to attempt. It was more like 1 out of infinity. Airtel, my mobile network operator, had been placing an advert each time I recharged/top-up.
I decided to send the text despite the deceptive nature of the message, seeing 'FREE' appear twice in a sentence does have an effect. I noticed the message had two separate sentences. The message didn't say WIN LCD TV by sending FEEL FREE TO 333 FOR FREE but I'm sure a lot of people would interpret it as such. It didn't even state how the LCD TV could be won. Anyway, I decided to attempt out of my innate curiosity.
Few minutes later I received a text message from 333.

333: Give the right answer for 20 points! In which State is Madonna University situated in Nigeria? 1=Anambra, 2=Lagos. Text 1 or 2 to 333 FOR FREE!

Me: 1

333: Catch 30 points! Have you ever fished before? Which of these is an important fishing tool? 1=Hammer, 2=Hook. Text 1 or 2 to 333 FOR FREE!

Me: 2

333: Your answer was marvelous! *note not marvellous* The next question is the easiest so far! Answer it until 20:41 and get closer to tonight's Samsung 32" LCD TV! 60 POINTS!

333: Read the calendar and win 70 points! How many months are in a year? 1=15, 2=12. Text 1 or 2 to 333 FOR FREE!

Me: 2

333: You are really smart! Exclusive offer! Would you like to get instant access in all Airtel's N1,000,000 draws every day? Text YES or NO to 333! N100/day

When I received that, my thought went, "Now we are talking" Initially the prize was Samsung LCD but now a million. What kind of 'foot in the door' corporate extortion was this using a million as a bait to get my poor hundred Naira?

Me: No

333: Don't look back

333: Business district keep it real for 100 points! The busiest city in Nigeria is: 1=Akure, 2=Lagos. Text 1 or 2 to 333 FOR FREE!

Me: 2

333: Don't look back! Great! You got the maximum number of daily pts! Don't forget: Join Airtel's top class for N1m everyday! Text YES to 444! N100/day

Airtel: Cool 310 points yesterday! Text YES to 444 now and join the top club! Every day, you will automatically enter all Airtel's N1,000,000 cash draws! N100/day

It became obvious my N100 was needed. Even when I gave a wrong answer, all I got was...

333: Sorry, but that is wrong! Double up! Every correct answer gives more pts for tonight's Samsung 32" LCD TV! More correct answers! 320 pts!

333: Not everybody knows this! Answer and win 300 pts: Gwagwalada is one of the Local Government Area Councils in: 1=Abia, 2=Abuja. Text 1 or 2 to 333 FOR FREE!

This operator was now stalking me. Was it by force? I don't need the LCD again leave my N100 to make my 3 to 4 minutes phone call.


  1. lool. i cnt believe u even participated in the first place. u shld have known from the get go that it was "awoof" lool
    i bet they are so happy they got all your 100 nairas,lmao :p

  2. Get my money ke. Lai lai! Just want them to stop sending me reminders to participate.