Monday, October 21, 2013

Am Starting To Think...I Love You

This is why it's great not to delete notes, gifts... from flings or past relationships; it culminates to experiences you might forget. I stumbled on an old email I sent to someone, Morin Jessica, it was a poem titled "Am starting to think...I love you". It was sent Oct 25, 2007 at 2:53 PM .And to think I used the word love and do not remember the person. I checked her on Facebook and still doesn't look familiar.


I’m Starting to think…I love you

I'm starting to think I love you
So you ask why?
I'm going to tell you.
The way u make me feel...
is just so amazing.
How I can be so mad,
and still somehow...
you manage to make me happy.
The way I can be so pissed,
and yet you still make me giggle.
How I always think of you.
How I can never get you off my mind.
The way I can never get mad at you,
and if i did I would have to fake.
How my heart... skips a beat,
jumps, flips, turns,
does whatever it does.
The weird feeling I get...
the one that kinda hurts,
but makes me feel good.
The way I start to worry
even if it's just because your sick.
It's just so crazy.
That's why I'm starting to think I love you.

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