Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Start a Relationship...

I noticed a female colleague countdown the months of the year with her fingers. I asked jokingly, "do you want to know when your baby is due?".
She replied it wasn't hers, a friend's wife was in labour. She counted 9 months back to know when the fertilisation took place- July. She added the guy was dating her friend during that period.

Her friend was fond of him and always had something to say about the guy on Blackberry. As far as she was concerned, her "baby" was the best. She was slapped by reality when someone sent a pix of her baby getting married. Her case was past tense...

My colleague, who was in the centre, decided to be a spectator as it happened. She added her friend loved him.
I told her "to start a relationship was up to the girl BUT to start a marriage was up to the guy".

As long as girls believe the guy must propose, he had the final say. Regardless the love the girl might claim to have.

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