Monday, January 28, 2013

Females and Numbers

I grew up to learn females were bad with numbes. There was something about digits that doesn't add up. I'm not referring to sums and subtractions but nominal values. For example, a girl's age.

I understand (or think I do) when a girl feels she doesn't want to reveal too much to a new guy. BUT, why lie? Feel free to lie about the number of guy's you've slept with, as long as you are not a virgin I work with infinity.

A short story. Now, getting entry level/ graduate jobs in Nigeria had certain "number" requirement. First was a good grade, the other was age- the younger the better. Even if you had a first class + masters, there were top companies that won't hire as a graduate trainee if you were over 25 years old.

Nigerians could be deceptive and found a loophole. Individuals that were older than the age requirement forge a new birth certificate to "reduce" their age.

People (both sex) do it comfortably. I mean, the economy isn't funny at all so I won't criticise. BUT, imagine a chic doing all this change of birth day to hook a husband. I mean, providing forged documents to back her age claim.

I met a chic that claimed was 7 years younger and went WOW! I was like, "I'm not in your HR department, please save me the theatrics". It has reached a level girls lie about their age into their matrimonial home. The husband would be thinking, "my wife looks old for a age, no one will know she's only 26".
The wife would be thinking, "Wow! Finally I've clocked the BIG 4-0"

You'll see such girls on social media sites, like Badoo. A girl that looked like 30+ would claim 21 and desire to meet a guy age 35+. Why will a 21 years old looking babe desire to meet a guy in his 30s...unless that wasn't her real age. After all, the want (sometimes) determine the means.

Should I blame them? Just like certain jobs, marriage also applied the principle of younger the better.

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