Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Headmistress Granddaughter

Everyone with a typical/normal childhood grew up with playmates that consisted of both gender. They played "unisex" games, being totally oblivious to the fact that they were being comfortable and carefree with the opposite sex. Sadly for some, that would be the only time they would trust/play/be comfortable with the opposite sex [probably for years to come]. That was one of the beauty of childhood, the ignorance that brought with it bliss. One of those girls I used to play with was the headmistress granddaughter.

She was...something. I remember we were close and I got into trouble a few times because of her. I remember one time in Primary two we were all asked to get on our feet in class, she decided to lie flat, face up, in the chairs. I took one look at her and told a guy "Sleep on..." This guy RAN to report me to the teacher. Shame on him, I wasn't punished but I would be surprised if he grew up to be a 40 year-old virgin. I also remember one other time someone took/stole a book from the library, Thomas The Tank Engine, and wanted her to return it or something [my memory is kinda sketchy on that one]. I was done Primary school a year early and moved on to secondary school. A year later she enrolled into the same school but I was a year ahead. For the next 5 years we spent in the same institution we never said a word to each other. I can't explain what happened but all we did was stare at each other for 5 years. The distance was clearly visible.

Years later, after secondary school, I decided to check-up on her on facebook, I figured out from her wall, info, and photos I should be able to have a good idea of what she had been up to. I searched but couldn't find her, I wasn't surprised because I was aware of girls misspelling their names to make it cool. I decided to search for people I felt she might know to find her...luckily I found her, she was using her middle name which I didn't know and I wasn't 100% sure I got the right person.

I decided to send a message which I have copied below with the replies...

Me: Hi, are you [...]?

Me: There's no need for a reply, found out already.

Her: who da hell is this?

Me: Fuck shit. Read the name B...*ok that was going too far so I censor myself*

Her: ur sis! Get a life dude! Shuu!

Me: Sorry. Didn't mean to...really, just didn't feel your approach. Been looking for you actually for like...six months and...anyway forget it.

Her: its okay, no hard feelings darl. Sorry I was rude didnt min 2 b. Ur msg was jst kinda funny. Is this tunde adeshina 4rm primary skool?

Me: Yep

[The reply she sent did not load completely before I responded. I read...]

Her: hi dear wats good? Now wat did u
find out? Let me guess, hmm!dat i hv a beautiful...

Me: Na! It's the job of your boyfriend to do the lying...but u look good. I guess it was just about time. Just by going thru your profile I believe I know enough...so I'm not asking any questions. Uniben...Law...ok, wait...do u by any chance know any [...]

[That was when I saw the previous message she sent in its entirety]

Her: hi dear wats good? Now wat did you find out? Let me guess, hmm!dat i hv a beautiful daughter dat is gonna b 5 this yr? Or dat i tuk my life bk 4rm doz bloodsucking demons clld da [mentioned the family name] nd hv been on my own 4 almost 7yrs? Dats nt news luv, its gist. Nyways ciao.

Me: Ok your mail caught me off guard...

Her: wats re u saying? Tunde!(whispering
now) do u smoke dope? Bcos msg b as e get oh! Ko ma ye mi oh!

Me: First of all my phone for some unknown reason did not load ur entire message before I replied...den I saw the rest. If what you said is true about you then you have quite an interesting
life. Still shit happens, I know how people could be...you could imagine d
stories I've heard. And I don't smoke dope, I have no doubt my body
would neutralise the effect...I am the epitome of 'Not Giving a Fuck'

Her: good 4 u den! Pls giv 2 shits abt your life at life at least bcos as u rightly said shit happenz. Tkre of u ciao!

Me: Damn! You have issues...take care
of yourself too. Goodbye.

The "goodbye" I said wasn't just to end the conversation but terminate any acquaintance because the vibe I was getting from her wasn't what I needed. And I definitely wasn't prepared to carry another person's cross. I figured out she might have gotten pregnant in secondary school and saw the pictures of her daughter on facebook. She was a single undergraduate mum. I respect her hustle as she tried to get educated and fulfilling the dream of becoming a lawyer. I know she is dating a guy but the issue with girls in that position wasn't finding a boyfriend but a boyfriend that would stay.
And for an unknown reason I doubt this is the last I'll write about the headmistress daughter.

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