Monday, October 24, 2011

Letters To Juliet: Death of Romance

I enjoy watching romantic movies...I ain't gonna lie. Despite the predictability of the boy meets girl formula I still find them interesting. Definitely, some movies stand out- Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill, 10 Things I Hate About You...but on average I like 'em all except one movie "Letters to Juliet". I wasn't bothered about the acting/directing. I simply didn't relate with the plot...

A girl travels to Italy with her Italian fiancé who happens to be a chef for a "pre-honeymoon". The guy is away for a few days during the trip for business. During that period, she meets a British and falls for him. Over 80 percent of the time she spent with the Brit they weren't on good terms but, the very few times they shared a laugh and kissed was enough to convince her to cancel her engagement and hook up with the Brit.

The plot took a lot of what people regard as important in a relationship for granted including commitment. It showed no matter the foundation you have "built" in your relationship, any guy [given few hours] can prove he was more in love/committed. If the girl had cheated while the fiancé I wouldn't have been surprised [no hard feelings] because that was normal BUT you don't end a relationship on the engagement bus heading to the altar for no concrete reason.
I have to admit, judging by the selfishness and unpredictability of girls, there was a possibility of it happening. I know there are girls who are never satisfied with what they had...always out for a new thing. Maybe this isn't the death of romantic movies but a new twist in romance..."Who mattered wasn't the one that took the girl to the club, bought drinks for her and made sure she had the time of her life, who mattered was the one that took her home".

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