Monday, October 31, 2011

Honour Among Hoes

Once upon a time I stayed in a house that had two separate rooms in the backyard occupied by two professional sex workers. One was in her late thirties while the other was in her early twenties and still had years ahead of her in the game. Despite their profession I have to admit they were "decent". Decent in the sense that they don't dress skimpy while at home and portray "bad prostitute manners". Maybe it was because where they stayed was their place of recluse, no customer allowed, so they could be themselves.
The older one decided to take the younger one under her tutelage, teach her some old tricks. For simplicity I'll refer to the younger po-po as Miss. A and the older one as Mrs. B. The relationship would have profit them both if only there was honour among hoes.

It all started with a man [as always], Mrs. B knew her time was almost up and began making retirement plans which involved making a boyfriend out of her latest customer. The persona she portrayed was a misunderstood female that lived a rocky upbringing and had been taken advantaged of by men. She made what would be a mistake by inviting the boyfriend over and a meeting with Miss. A was established. Mrs. B sensed it was a wrong move but the experience she had ahead of Miss. A gave her the [false] confidence she wasn't a challenge. Miss. A observed the guy Mrs. B invited was loaded and decided to eat part of the cake without her noticing. An argument ensued the day Mrs. B noticed Miss. A's phone number on her boyfriend's call log. After the name calling and stripping all in the name of cat fight they both retired into their rooms. They were not on talking terms and for once there was peace.

The following Friday night/Saturday morning, I was in bed when I heard the scream of "Fire!". I joined the other neighbours and rushed to the backyard where we saw the room of Miss. A was up in flames. The first thing was to put out the flames, after that the question was "what/who caused it?". There was blackout and Miss. A wasn't in for the night making Mrs. B the prime suspect. But Mrs. B wasn't in either, a neighbour said he saw her go out all dressed up in the afternoon and was yet to return. It was concluded that Miss. A was the last to leave. Then I remembered I saw Miss. A's silhouette in her room late that night and I observed she had a candle on. The conclusion was Miss. A must have forgotten to put out the candle. A guy called her to inform her of what happened and she responded she would be there before daybreak. Miss. A called Mrs. B accusing her of being the cause of the fire, unaware they both weren't in. Mrs. B laughed at the tragedy & made it clear she wasn't in. Instead she was having fun with a rich man that just landed in the country.

Apparently Miss. A was sleeping over at Mrs. B's boyfriend's place. Mrs. B had told the boyfriend that she couldn't come over that day because she wasn't feeling well. The boyfriend heard the conversation and decided to call Mrs. B to ask how she was doing [or confirm what he heard]. Mrs. B claimed she was feeling better and was at home. The boyfriend asked to know if the fire did not destroy her belongings..."How did you know?" She asked. That was the beginning of another drama. Her prostitute's sense was tingling, she cleared him she knew Miss. A wasn't in and suspected he was f@*king her. He returned the service and told her what she had said during her phone conversation with Miss. A. There was no use denying, they were all being deceptive. My conclusion- Miss. A was in a hurry to f@*k Mrs. B's boyfriend she forgot to put off the candle which put her room up it flames, bringing to light there was no honour among hoes [and also a po-po can't change her ways].

Miss. A got scared and knew if she had a one-on-one encounter with Miss. B she would deal with her, beat her black and blue then back to black, back to back. That was why she involved neighbours to mediate. Girls would always be girls, both Miss. A and Mrs. B took the fight between themselves leaving the guy out. The boyfriend text Mrs. B to apologise and called Miss. A "a prostitute" that was only after his money. Mrs. B showed everyone the message with the single motive of trashing Miss. A reputation which was stupid, how the hell do you expect to trash a prostitute by calling her a prostitute? A neighbour decided to settle the dispute and called both lad...I meant females. Miss. A claimed it was the guy making the advances and she was only interested in the money as compensation for the sexual gratification she provided. Mrs. B was convinced she was lying, she was talking when Miss. A phone rang. It was her boyfriend. She answered it and placed the call on speaker for all to hear. The boyfriend trashed Mrs. B without mincing words to convince Miss. A he was only interested in her. He made a statement that almost made Mrs. B cry, he called her an "overused old cargo". Using age to diss a female was a blow way below the belt especially when the girl was alone/lonely. Mrs. B got tired of the drama in the area and moved out. She couldn't take the humiliation that came with the mockery from people especially Miss. A. She knew her intention of finding a guy to settle down with won't come from that environment.

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