Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seriously, Who Voted for Goodluck? (pt. 2 Fuel Subsidy)

Disclaimer: I don't give a shit about Economics

The western world is facing financial crisis and since Africans admire copying the West, the president majority of Nigerians allegedly/supposedly voted for is considering a move that would lead to probably a double digit inflation. A move that would most likely enable us experience our very own crisis. Yea, let Nigeria be on par with Greece and other countries that need bail-out. All the Nigeria's president want to do is to discontinue subsidising fuel. There have been division if "fuel subsidy" existed in the first place or not. There is a widely accepted belief that any service provided by the government should be health care, now we don't need the government to brag about "subsidising" health care for the masses, that is their job. They were elected/selected as [efficient] administrators of natural & human resources on behalf of the masses. All the ministries and state government are mere division of labour to enable them to be effective. The fear basically, like I've inferred above, is that removal of fuel subsidy would make price of fuel obviously more expensive. Since kerosene, PMS & diesel are essential commodities for cars, generators, and...burning armed robbers [jungle justice style], it would have a ripple effect, leading to the increase in cost/price of other goods and services. Notorious armed robbers might even be allowed to walk away free since no one would be willing to sacrifice fuel.
And a lot of Nigerians are finding it difficult to manage their finances as it is. We all pray to see the new year but knowing commodities would be expensive 1st January 2012 is not a way to begin it.

The removal of fuel subsidy was first mentioned during the presidential debate prior to the presidential election earlier this year. Apparently he failed to attend and no one knew his opinion on the issue. That was a question I was curious to know his answer since I had a strong belief he would win [as much as I didn't want him to] because not only do we have majority of Nigerians living below the poverty line, but their intelligent quotient as well. People kept clamouring about him being the chosen one...
After his proposed 6-year single term tenure, nuclear power plans, and fuel subsidy removal all in less than a year, I have a feeling we have a lot more shockers in his years to come. His supporters better get use to him chilling in Aso Rock, because impeaching/removing him won't be as easy as he is going to remove fuel subsidy.

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