Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hellooo...Too Much Info

I'm going to write below statements I've heard from girls. After reading each statement, I want you to take note of what goes through your mind.

• I have to make my hair
• I am so tired
• I feel like eating Pizza

For someone like me, anything I hear is represented in a vivid mental imagery. So when a girl says, "I have to make my hair", as I think about that I picture her in a salon getting all glamed-up. It doesn't end with a mental imagery, I also ask myself "why is she telling me?" My answer is usually subjective but makes sense to me. "I have to make my hair" to me might imply "I need you to give me some money to make my hair". And if she feels like eating pizza it meant "I'm hungry and I need you to buy me pizza". "I'm so tired" simply means, "Can you please let me be by myself for the meantime?"
The point I'm trying to make is whatever I hear goes through a lot of thought process and I have a wild imagination that might lead to the weirdest rationalisation.

Now, imagine what goes through my head when I hear girls say...

• Do you have a tissue I need to go to the toilet
I told a girl I was washing and she said...
•Can you wash my panties
I asked a girl why she was feeling down and she said...
• I'm having my period

Those are too much info if you ask me and you wouldn't want to see the horror that goes through my mind when I hear those. I know it is human nature to experience those but it isn't one to share. The same way girls can't spread all their panties under the sun depending their "condition" is the same way they shouldn't share those info. If you are bleeding through your pussy, keep it to yourself...and if don't wear panties, good for you, and if you do I don't want to know. When the girl told me to wash her panties I knew she said it as a joke but it wasn't funny. To wash something meant it was, imagine dirty female panties. The horror doesn't end there, most girls mostly wear panties during their period. Now, imagine a female panties that got dirty during her period. Bloody.

I have to end this here because I'm disgusted already.

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