Friday, November 4, 2011

Ade Wrote a Love Song

I was shuffling songs on my ipod until I skipped to a love song I wrote & recorded years ago. I wouldn't confidently label it a "Love song", it was one of those songs I wrote when I was bursting with talent back in school about a girl. Her name was [W] and I have to admit, she was the sh!t. But...I was young and not as____as I am now with girls so things didn't go as I wanted. The lyrics of 2nd and 3rd verse should be enough to give you an idea of what happened.

Verse 2:
It started as a joke
First time she said "No"
Her friend said I should chill
That she needed time to think
So I waited for a week
[W] didn't say a thing
What she said in the end
Was "We could still be friends"
I just don't understand
I just can't be that man
That always understands
I got my mind
And I know you think with your heart
And if I say we compromise
Then we just won't last (won't last)
'Cause the rain will fall
And your friends will talk
And so many other things can come
To f us up
And I know this for sure
At the end of the day
One of us will say
"Na you know the thing way you dey find"

Verse 3:
Going back
To what we would be
Or what we should [have] become
Looking back
On you and me
Or how I looked at you
It has faded...
With no memory left the memories left
When I stopped to care
And I'm feeling
That if I see you...
I'll probably say "F you"

[W] never had the chance to hear the song because she changed school and I don't even know what she is up to right now. Saw some one that looked like her few days ago, we were staring at each other. In my mind I was hoping she wasn't the one, not that I was having cold feet, but as much as they looked alike the [W] I knew was way beautiful. I walked away convincing myself I saw someone that looked like her. Maybe that's why I'm not motivated to find her because I fear I might not be impressed with what I see.

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