Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts...and You Are Not A Lannister

The world's economy is being run by debts, you see, I don't have to be an economists to know these things. If a world power like America could be over $15 Trillion in debts and rising, who are we to say being a debtor is a bad thing. We have America owing Mexico and all these proves two things, anybody can owe any and status does not exist in the world of debtors. All you had to do was prove/promise/deceive that you were going to pay back, simple. In George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice" there was a statement, a Lannister always pays his debts. The Lannisters were the richest family in the fiction determined to owe no one and WE are far from the Lannisters.

My first exposure to debt management would be in Nursery/Primary school. We weren't owing money then, it was promises and like they say, "a promise is a debt". We would say things like "I promise to play with you during break-time" and during that period the kid would be left alone...ignored, while the person that made the promise would be playing "catcher" with the other kids. As kids I would say we didn't know the consequences of making promises or owing someone and we made it everyday. In secondary school, things changed. Money replaced promises as debts, promises became the collateral used to get the debt. You borrowed the cash and promised to pay back. That was how it worked. It became difficult to pay back because people made promises when they were in need and at that point they might be convinced they would pay back...but a principle of motivation says a satisfied need is not a motivator. The debt takes care of their need and the motivation to repay the debt no longer existed. The debtor could even begin to intimidate you all in an effort to frustrate you.

As we grow older, things change once more and we become wiser. Promises no longer guaranteed debt repayment. We borrow/lend based on personal assessment of 2 things. One, the possibility of the person to repay based on past records and two, incase the person proved stobborn, we consider the possibility of forcing the person to repay. Sometimes we demand for a collateral for the second. When a student decided to sell Brazillian hair products in school she knew the risk involved. A lot of girls wanted it but couldn't afford it and often negotiated contract payment. The issue with contract payment was you had to constantly keep tabs on your debtors like an FBI agent. You even end up calling them more than your loved ones. One "chic" in school decided to have one of those Brazillian hair weave-on...that was the trend and she didn't want to be left out. BUT she didn't have the full amount...she was twenty thousand Naira short. She became one of those "I'll pay next week". Next week turned to weeks and months without the girl showing signs of repaying. She had a nice chat with her twenty thousand Naira debtor and gave her a condition to repay the debt...she accepted. The condition was....*read on*. The debtor went with the girl to visit a man in his office, a married man I must add. She introduced the debtor as "the girl I told you about". He invited the debtor to sit on his laps and she obeyed with zero hesitation. In the presence of the girl, he stripped the debtor naked...played with her boobs and every other part that could produce liquid before he fucked her on his table. While he was doing this, he kept having a casual conversation about how sweet the girl's pussy was and asked if she had any other debtor that needed to repay debt. By the end of the day everyone was satisfied. The man covered the debt after fucking the debtor, the debtor no longer became a debtor. She still had her Brazillian hair but I'm not sure about her dignity. The debt literally fucked her up.

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