Sunday, November 20, 2011


I began writing since...can't remember. I would scribble experiences and give them titles like "A White Man With Tribal Marks". Then someone came along and suggested I open a blog and I did, a year later I'm still blogging and loving it. I see it as my vault of experiences and I gave myself one rule- never mention names. That aside, I began to read works by other bloggers and one that caught my attention was
KevinWithanL would have to be the most interesting blogger I know and definitely one of the most talented writers. The interesting part is not solely based on what he writes but you can't help but wonder what goes on in his head. Like everyone with above average talent it was obvious he had issues and it became apparent with each post. This was someone whose first posts were inspirational words from Peju Oyemade...months later he was talking about how he fucked a girl he met on Twitter. To be honest, that was when he became really interesting. He did the one thing I wouldn't do- mention names- and when you have as many followers he had on twitter that doesn't sound like a nice idea. I remember he became a threading topic once on twitter [in Lagos sha]. The next thing I observed was he "imploded", this occurs when you make a sudden drastic decision. This was common with celebrities who find the price of fame to high to pay, like when Britney Spears cut her off her hair for no reason. Or when Michael! Feels like he kept imploding throughout his career. First, his twitter handle @KevinWithanL got deleted or something and that was the medium he used he spreading his word. Then he wrote what he claimed would be his last post on his blog [I know he will be back, people like him love attention]. I have to add that was his best piece I've read. That guy is a genius.

The truth is, it is soo easy for writers to get carried away with what they choose to reveal. Kanye West once rapped "I'm on TV talking like it is just you and me". The same feeling applies to writers, you pick up your pen and as you express yourself you believe your audience are only those you have in mind. Before you know it, even those you never thought could read have accessed it. What you wrote can now be freely taken out of context. Another of my favorite blogger @Keet_kat wrote her last post "Encore" would be her last, she doesn't want "to spill her guts out anymore".

Then one thought came to mind...was this the effect of excess self-disclosure. These bloggers including myself literally type our life out for all to read and most of them don't know the consequences. Self-disclosure is really important in creating a strong PERSONAL relationship. You feel a bond with anyone you self-disclose imagine self-disclosing to thousands of people who really don't give a sh!t about you or what you revealed from your past. You write "I think I love this girl" and someone responds "try saying that after you f@*k her". On the long run, stuffs that leaves a vacuum in your self-appraisal. Your personal life become their entertainment, KevinWithanL becomes Nigeria's funniest blogger and with such label every other thing you want to disclose about yourself isn't relevant if it isn't funny. By describing yourself your audience defines you.

Still, I love blogging and bloggers out there and damn! there are a lot. I have to admit, even if these guys stopped writing I doubt they would be missed.
That is just life, no one is indispensable...there is always someone to carry the torch.


  1. Surprised I'm just seeing this...but there's so much truth here. And flatter me. lol