Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Know The Problem, So What's The Problem

They say the first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. That way you would be open to change. I don't agree knowing a problem solves much, if it does anything at all it would be making you aware of what frustrates you. I mean, we practically know a whole lot more about obstacles we need to overcome but how come they are difficult to get rid of. Below is a post a girl wrote on her Facebook wall. It is about...[Just read it]

"Chioma breakup wit him,u will see dat he cnt tell his friends dat he his an animal in human clothing or can he tell his family,pls bt if u marry him dat will b your greatest mistake,u r 2beautiful 4 him 2 hurt,let him go,a better man is near u,pls,u pple shld tell me wat to tell my friend b4 her lunatic boyfriend that claim 2 v swag kills her,his swag is beating her not treating her like a woman,guys pls wat do i say 2 this boyfriend of hers?he doesn't give you anythi,neva hs he giving u money 2mk hair,u buy him everything even phones,haba wake up,he is using u,he is hanging on cos of wat he is gettin 4rm u.s."

In case you didn't understand the post I'll explain. A girl wrote on her Facebook wall about her friend who was in an abusive relationship. The friend, apparently was finding it difficult to break-up from that relationship. The post was open for people to comment, giving their advice on how she should help her friend see that she deserves more than the abusive guy.
The reason for copying the post here is only to prove knowing our problems does little to solve it.

First of all, let's focus on the girl's friend. Being in an abusive relationship is an obvious problem. Like I wrote in an earlier post "A Slap Should Convince You". No one gets hurt and feels good about it. Now focus on the girl that wrote the post. It was also obvious she knew what the problem was and was determined to find a solution to help her friend. Now here is the twist, the girl that wrote the post was referring to herself. She made up a fictitious friend to cry for help [read the post again if you didn't notice]. This girl has "a lunatic" boyfriend that beats her up and she finds it difficult to leave him. The truth was she can't help her[self/friend]

That was just an instance. There are people who find themselves in other situations that give them sleepless nights, yet they "wake up" to face it the following day. It could be school, work, family or relationships. They know what the problem was and can't solve it. The truth is no one was born to suffer, the body is self regulatory and it gives signs when something becomes waste and not needed by the body, for example, you don't tell your body to sweat, your body tells you. Frustrations and sleepless nights are also signs that they body regards certain endeavours & relationships as waste, and as much as you might want to make something out of it, your body might fail you. Walk away when in such situations and don't think with your heart or rationalise with your head. If to overcome that problem isn't that easy to walk away, PRAY.

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