Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest

At one point in our lives we would want to be known as a name other than ours. Where our last name would be Ever, while the first name would be Greatest. Being called Greatest Ever____ [fill in the blank] is no easy feat. People have their own recipe on what makes people great. One consistent idea I've noticed is to be persistent on a single goal because every race in life has its own unique track. Even Usain Bolt won't run against Ferrari F1 cars on a speed race track. Like I said, being Greatest Ever____ isn't easy and won't happen overnight. If being Greatest Ever___ takes time, then I've got all it takes.

I see time as the major determinant people use to decide if they should give up on their race of become Greatest Ever____, either they perceive time as telling them they were getting too old or time was telling them "no more time". I've got no time to watch and I know even a second of being called the Greatest Ever____ was enough even if the next breath between this two lungs would be the last. My point is, if it was something your heart desire a lifetime isn't enough time to spend getting it.

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