Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Won't Mind Dying For You If It Meant We Would Live Together, Forever

Being romantic is creative, that's my take and I'm fucking creative...that is some girls' take. There are times where we get carried away with our creativity and get too romantic. We end up saying things we cannot do and surprisingly the person we said it to believes it to be true. Like Bruno Mars singing "I will catch a grenade for you"...he obviously said it thinking "Hey, I can never be in that situation, I mean, why would anybody throw a grenade at you in the first place?" But...what if it happened?

It doesn't have to get to the level of a grenade, what if you had to go out of your way to do something for a girl that might kill you?
My friend was in such situation. He loved his girlfriend [or so he claimed] and vowed to do always do anything to make her happy. He was put to the test when he found out the girlfriend's mom needed a kidney transplant. I had no idea how their discussion reached the point where it was discovered he was a suitable donor. Everyone had got 2 kidneys so being well-behaved health wise means you have little to worry about donating one. This girl loved her mom and finally found a solution. The guy got carried away with being the super hero to the family but when he landed back on earth...he wasn't sure donating a kidney was a good idea. The girlfriend didn't want to understand, she said everything trying to persuade him. "If you love me you'll do this/ that is the grandmother of our unborn child [as if they were married"...the line that tripped me the most was "you are selfish". Anyway, that was how the relationship ended, because the guy didn't want to give up a kidney [as if it was a lollipop]. The girl's mom is receiving dialysis in the US...a white man's kidney should arrive soon.

But seriously...why would a girl allow a guy do something that could kill him just to prove he loves her and won't mind them being together? Going back to "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, if he did catch one for the girl and he dies that is the end of the relationship.

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