Friday, October 7, 2011

You Won't Understand If God Explained

I tend to get spiritual at times, it necessarily didn't have to be the time of need but it happens. I don't have to express my spontaneous burst of spirituality by walking into a church/mosque or preaching the gospel but when it occurs I know. I remember one of those times I decided to watch one of those Christian shows [I think 700 Club], and I remember that episode well because it taught me an important lesson, we can't always understand the reason for our dilemma. Even if God explains, we might not comprehend and we shouldn't bother forcing answers.

God is great and no doubt works in mysterious ways. His ways are not actually mysterious but it has been described as such to make a point- we barely understand how His ways. Anyone can act as His vessel that would impact our lives and when we extol His blessings we give Him full credit. Like I said, we don't understand Him and we often ask questions and grow impatient especially in dire those ones that gives us sleepless nights. Some began to make demands, holding God to his words in the Bible, or even "striking deals". Like "God if you make this happen, I will never...".
But the truth is He clearly knows the difference between our needs and wants but we are to blind to see OR we see what we want to see.

Now back to the show I watched. A father was narrating his life experience on how he lost his wife and son. His wife had complications during pregnancy and had blood transfusion which helped a great deal. She delivered the child, a boy, and everything seemed great. After the calm came the storm, the wife became ill and it was discovered she was had AIDS. The infection was traced to the blood which was truly infected with the virus. The man could not understand why that was happening as he slowly watched his wife die. Fortunately he was not infected but unfortunately his son was and he had to live with the burden. He cried countless times to God, asking why such was happening. He had always been a devoted Muslims. One night he heard a voice, "if I explain, you won't understand". He doubted that, he believed he was strong in his faith and if given an explanation, he would understand. He kept on asking...

After his wife passed away his son was admitted in the hospital. He was young and in the age where kids loved asking questions. The son was in pain one night and kept asking the dad why he was going through that. He wanted to know why he couldn't play with his friends and why his mom died. The kid was asking burning questions and the only answer the dad had for him was "if I explain, you won't still understand". As he said that he remembered his own situation and it dawned on him, no matter how much he saw himself as intelligent, his level was still that of a little boy to his father. He couldn't explain to the son for the same reason he believed God couldn't explain to him.

I remembered the show today because I know so many people who have been asking God "why" lately...[That is another story].

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