Monday, September 26, 2011

No Excuse Toilet

I regard one of the greatest inventions as the toilet beautifully crafted to accommodate any ass and take any sh!t. In every house the toilet was a real decider if you were going to visit of sleep over. Yes we call it sh!t yet for hygiene sake we still consider where we drop it.

So...I was at a friend's place with few friends. It was a new house and well decorated. We were having fun -drinks and small chops, then, I decided to piss. He directed me to where the guest's rest room was and I saw one of the most beautiful toilets. It was so beautiful I raised the seat cover and decided to sh!t instead. One thing I noticed was it had no cistern [the water tank usually attached to flush] I didn't put it to thought. I assumed there would be a button somewhere. I sat there feeling good with myself until it was time to say goodbye to the wonderful experience.

I got cleaned up and was about to flush when it occurred to me...there really wasn't any cistern. I began to look for a lever or something to pull or push. I saw nothing. It became frustrating after 5 minutes and I couldn't leave the sh!t lying there. I finally got tired especially when there was a knock on the door. I decided to push down the seat cover and to my surprise, as soon as it made contact with the seat and it was completely covered, it flushed. I began to laugh at myself. The toilet's flush system was automatic and released water each time it was opened and closed. I fell in love with that toilet was perfect for those people that found it difficult to flush. I'll call it the No Excuse Toilet.

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