Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wrong Reasons To Commit In a Relationship

Read an article by Jennifer Guavain, author of "How Not To Marry The Wrong Guy". These were the points I could gather...

Wrong reasons to commit in a relationship or want to:

• Age: The self-imposed biological clock is starting to tick a little louder...and you feel you need someone to call yours.

• Believing "Marriage will instantly make the relationship better." If the relationship isn't on point during courtship, it won't when married.

• "It's my last chance to get married and no one else will come along."

• "If it doesn't work out I can always get a
divorce." Guess what? Divorce isn't easy especially when only one partner is proposing it.

• We've dated for so long I don't want to waste all the time we have invested in the relationship.

• I don't want to be alone.

• He'll change after we get married.

• It is too late, too embarrassing and/or too expensive to call off the wedding

• He is a really nice guy; I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Then she shared "a favourite quote from the author Mignon McLaughlin: "When 'Why not do it?' barely outweighs 'Why do it?' -- don't do it. "

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