Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr. Biggs [was] 10, now 25

I remember Mr. Biggs adverts during commercial breaks of the soap "Secrets of the Sand" in the 90s. The lyrics of the jingle included "Mr. Biggs is ten, come share with us, lots of love and excitement..." The fast food restaurant was the sh!t then. That felt like not too long ago. Recently I saw an ad, Mr. Biggs was now 25. 15 years went by just like that. So many things had change since I first heard the jingle, the world and my perception of it included.

I experienced nostalgia just thinking of the jingle. I remember other tv adverts I watched during the show. Supreme ice cream had one and FunTime Coconut chips "great time anytime". My focus isn't on childhood tv ads but on how much time can fly without us noticing and how our experiences were merely bookmarks in our lives which we use to measure how we had grown. As I remember Mr. Biggs jingle of 15 years ago, I also remember my life 15 years ago.

I would be heading to Mr. Biggs this evening because I want to "bookmark" an experience as I walk in. 15 years ago I doubt I could personally afford anything they had for sell behind the counter but today, it was the opposite story. It is definitely something to be grateful for especially being alive. And Congratulations to Mr. Biggs and I'm glad they were part of my childhood.

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  1. fun time coconut chips, great fun, crunchy fun!lol