Friday, September 16, 2011

Seriously, Who Voted for Goodluck? (pt. 1) Atomic Energy

Atomic Energy

In this day and age, and stage of world peace, I can't believe a President is considering nuclear energy as an alternative power source. Yea, Goodluck once again is about to create a diversion for scholars to debate ignoring his ineffectiveness on issues of national importance. Since 1976 Nigeria had an Atomic Energy Commission which not surprising had been ineffective. When Obasanjo was in power he was asked his reason for not considering nuclear power to solve the electricity problem. He gave a realistic response which impressed me. The idea behind the statement was, the ineffectiveness behind the current epileptic power supply wasn't lack of resources but ineffectiveness of human resources. The dangers involved was too much a risk if the same hands were involved and considering the political nature of Nigeria.

The aftermath of Japan's Fukushima nuclear facility should have taught Jona the lesson we need not to experience. Even a world power like Germany is gradually withdrawing from that source of energy. So who the f@*k is Nigeria to attempt such? I don't think I should ask that question, I should be asking Seriously, who voted for Goodluck?

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  1. has he even solved the pending issue of kidnapping and bombing? hiss!