Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gay Blood

I see myself as a liberal individual but I got to admit some ideas still freak me out especially when such ideas had become real. One of such is the recent development in America that permits homosexuals to donate their blood. We have to be honest, blood donation is a selfless act to save gay blood?

I know Gaga and her devote Little Monsters would attack, "What is wrong with homosexuals donating their blood?" Naturally blood freaks me SCREAMS VIOLENCE regardless the volume [to me]. It doesn't seem right knowing if unfortunately I need transfusion, the blood of a homosexual would be pumped into me.
Years ago, before the identification of genes, scholars believed the human blood contained all personality characteristics of the individual. Giving rise to such sayings like "it is in his blood, he/she can't change". I am open to some people tagging me ignorant but this is more of a personal issue than an intellectual one and even if you provide "facts" to prove me wrong, "it is in my blood". I am not advocating against it, I am stating my stand which is gay blood freaks me out.

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