Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Slap Should Convince You

I have female friends who become very critical of their boyfriend especially when they consider him a candidate of "the ONE". The one guy that [theoretically] would be the person they would spend the rest of their life with. Girls consider many things especially those below the belt, including the guy's 'pocket size' and the size of his penis. While making a decision might be tougher than a 5 numbered Sudoku puzzle, there are times the decision is easier. It could literally land with great force on a girl's face. Call it HOT SLAP, I call it reality check. I regretfully have female friends that have decided to become sparing partners with their boyfriends at their expense [of both physical and emotional pain].

Practically I believe a slap should convince any girl the guy doesn't deserve her but emotions [the deadly poison] might not allow her see the clear picture. The annoying part was when these girls rationalise and made excuses why they 'deserved' to be hit by their boyfriend. They further insult themselves by putting the blame on them. A girl once told me, "not all guys are like you that can control his temper". I replied, "it was statements like that that justify your belief it is acceptable to hit a female". The worst part was the girl made that statement with the lips that had been scarred by the boyfriend. One quick sign that shows the guy isn't man enough and would continue to hit you is when he is quick to hit you and no one else. There are several people that gets him angry but for he decides to hit YOU, not his friends, not his debtors of co-workers...You. When a guy beats up a girl, shame on him but when the girl continues to date him and that act persists, shame on her.

I believe one of the solutions is for girls to love themselves. Once they do, it would be difficult for a any guy to disrespect you and once he does you would know when/how to move on. It is based on a simple logic. Once you value anything, even people around you would be careful around that. These includes your beliefs and goals. So why not love and value yourself and your body and not placing another's violent selfish gratification over for human desire of self-acceptance especially from someone that claim to love you.

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