Friday, January 4, 2013

Ade's Gallery of Screen Grabs: Jumoke's Response

I have a photo album on Facebook titled Ade's Gallery of Screengrabs. The gallery was composed of pictures of conversations I had with people and found interesting. This is one of them. I am about to share the experience that led to that particular message. Just so you know, all I requested for was her phone number and got an essay. In case you weren't able to read the words in the image, I copied it below.

"From: Jumoke
Hey, Friend request on FB,scary. I was actually searching for you because we still have an unfinished business. I was naïve Ade, you knew that and you exploited that fact. I thought I knew what I was doing when I didn't know anything, I thought I was smart but you were smarter. Its funny when I think about it because I still cannot understand why I let a scum like you walk into my life and turn it upside down. Did I like you, I did, that am ashamed of. Did I love you, maybe but it was lust and not the usual have sex with you lust, I was just too attracted to you. And I still remember the crap you told me, *laughing* that was a smooth move Ade, I almost or I fell for it. You were a pig Ade, Pigs are never clean,they are always dirty. You taught me a lot about Human Nature, how inhumane humans can be.

Nope, you cannot get my phone number.

30 October 2011 · Sent from Mobile"

It all started one evening at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, sometime in 2009 [I think]. I remember hanging out with Kume that day. We were on the second floor when he noticed a girl walk pass, what caught his attention was her hair. Kume had a thing for the beauty of natural African hair. He waited till she walk pass again and made his approach. They were having a pleasant first conversation while I rested against the wall, withdrawing from their discussion. Her name was Jumoke.

While they talked, I noticed they had similar interest like reading great works of fiction and "Everybody's Free (To Wear Suncreen)" by Baz Luhrmann. They got comfortable and the conversation flowed while I maintained my position expect passing few side comments. Between laughs, which proved to be a great distraction, she handed me her phone unnoticed by Kume. On the screen was "080..." which she rightly assumed was the first three digits of my phone number. I typed in the rest and handed it over to her.
She called me after that with the discussion ending with a place/time to meet. From that moment, Jumoke made it clear she was interested in me. We both resided in hostels on campus and every night hung out till midnight. We would walk around the campus with my eye always looking for the best spot to make out. Once I "discovered" one for the evening we would kiss and exchange sweet words to maintain that romantic mood regardless where we were. Soon we were talking about sex.

Jumoke maintained she was a virgin and would wait till her wedding night to give it up. I was at the most sexually creative period in my life and knew she had no belief in what came out from her mouth. Probably it was naivety like she claimed years later but I would attribute it to virginity syndrome. During that period all we talked about was sex. As expected, she began to have a change of heart on the right time to have sex. She said there must be an engagement ring involved before sex. That changed to after 5 years of dating. That reduced to six months until she said, "What's the use of planning, I'm comfortable whenever it happens as long as I love the guy".

The next day, Saturday, we were alone in Kume's place that was 10 minutes away from school. I had it in mind to take it slow [like I hopefully always do] and switched to foreplay mood. Jumoke was a novice and her blow job skill level was close to zero. All she did was bite until I gave her tips. She was a fast learner and a good student.

Jumoke was naked in bed and I couldn't do it. I felt good but it felt wrong. Her limbs were spread and all I had to do was put it in... The End. While in that state her phone rang, she answered to hear her dad's voice at the other end of the line. He was on his way to visit her in school. She wore her clothes to hurry back to school but gave me another blowjob on the way out.

Later that day, Jumoke's friend accused me of attempting to sleep with Jumoke. The confrontation was based on allegations Jumoke supposedly made that I was about to have sex with her and she stopped me. That all I wanted from Jumoke all along was to have sex with her and move ahead. I told Jumoke and her response was, "Is it a lie?"
That didn't stop Jumoke from calling me or hanging out. In fact, we made out more with blowjobs frequently on campus. She became an expert.

The last sexual encounter I had with Jumoke was during a BBQ Party behind Arts Block one night. The venue had a huge turnout. I spotted Jumoke's friend who told her she was around. Minutes later I was with Jumoke in a friend's car parked in the venue. I remember guys rested their backs against the car having a view of the dance floor. I was in the back seat with Jumoke on my laps, her face opposite mine. I asked, "So why did you tell your friend all I wanted from you was sex?" She kept quiet. I continued, "You know, if I wanted to have sex with you I will. All I have to do was first, remove your top". While I said that, my hands raised her top over her head and out through her arms. I dropped it on the car seat. "What I'll do next was undo your bra," which I did and she allowed with no resistance. "After that, I will get your jeans off you," which I also did with her assistance. Jumoke sat naked on my laps with her legs spread opposite to each other. I unzipped my jeans and brought out my dick. I asked one final question, "Tell me what's going to stop me from fucking you if I wanted to? Wear your clothes and get out".

I saw Jumoke few times after that event till I graduated. Two years later, during my service year in Lagos I remembered her and wanted to know how she was doing. I searched for her on Facebook to request for her phone number. Truth was I still had her number but wanted her to tell me. That gesture would have meant to me that we were now cool. Her response was the "essay" above.

Below was my response and subsequent conversation...

"Me: Wow! You really really spilled what you had in your mind. Let me start with I'm sorry. One thing you seem not to understand is it was a learning process for both of us. Yea I knew you were naïve but you seemed to think otherwise and I've to admit...I atimes got carried away exploiting that but never with the intention to hurt you. I made a personal decision never to sleep with you and I stood with that. You might call me a pig, whatever, but I had a conscience.
I still want your number to know you on a whole new level. If I had the intention to hurt you initially, I wouldn't have the courage to approach you. And if I thought you weren't a wonderful person, I wouldn't have the intention to care how you were doing. Pls give me your number..
30 October 2011"

"Jumoke: I am sorry is not enough Ade, I cannot give you mynumber.
30 October 2011 · Sent from Mobile"

"Me: Pls
30 October 2011"

"Me: How long are you going to give me silent treatment?
31 October 2011"

"Me: Hey....plssssssss, your number nau *sad face*
17 November 2011"

"Jumoke: Hi, I can't give you my number but I can give you my email, let's chat on Yahoo messenger, J*******
23 November 2011 · Sent from Mobile"

"Me: When you are online buzz me
23 November 2011"

The END.

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