Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Second ₦1 Show

Welcome to 2013...and to the second one Naira show. I hope you all enjoyed the last one although I can't remember a thing I said.
To keep it simple I'm going to talk about definitions. I'll give my own definition of words using experiences. You might have come across certain definitions in previous posts. Repeating them was just to save cost, remember, it's a ₦1 show.

I'll start with the definition of "butty", a word associated with being brought up in wealth. Being butty is when you hear NYSC camp and you think of Camp Rock. In short, being butty is when you know Camp Rock.

Second definition, "Horny". This applies to the guys. Horny was when you are alone and pick up your phone to dial all the girls on your phone book from A to Z. One question you find yourself asking all of 'em was "So...where are you?"

The third definition, "A Good Sleep". You had a good sleep when you wake up a minute before your alarm goes off, you keep looking at it and just as it was about to ring you stop it & go back to sleep.

The fourth definition is short and simple. The word is "Broke", as in, low in cash. Broke is laughing as you are about to get robbed. The superlative of "Broke" is "Dead Broke". That's when you volunteer to help the robbers find money.

Another definition is "Bad luck". Bad luck was discovering a condom in your pocket a minute after unprotected sex.

Next is "Prudent with money". Being prudent is loaning out money but not just to anyone. Being prudent was loaning money to a roommate who was notorious for stealing.

"Disillusioned" this applies to certain females, few of 'em I've met. Being disillusioned was having sex multiple times and thinking you are a virgin because you didn't have an orgasm.

"Packaging" is taking a pix inside a public bus a.k.a danfo, only for a chic to see it and say "nice ride".

"High" is seeing a car approaching at night and thinking the headlights of the vehicle were that of two bikes. Since you are about to cross the road, decide to stay between the two "bikes".

"Insensitive" is when a guy with an arm laughs at you & you say "clap"

That should be all for me here, the show is over. A show is over when the MC walks off stage, the credit is rolling, the lights in the hall comes on, or you see... The End.

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