Thursday, April 26, 2012


I saw an ad today. It was on a branded van of the company making Dettol soap. I told a look one look at it and noticed all sorts of subliminal messages focused on sex.

Yea, people would say I have a dirty mind and need to wash my mouth with soap. I guess it won't make much difference if I used Dettol soap considering what I saw.

Two things were wrong in the pix.
One, the picture of the 'couple'. The boy looked like he was getting lucky with the much older woman. And the woman, well, her posture said it all, "I am irresistibly attracted to this boy and about to kiss the neck. That's why I have my eyes closed and sniffing his skin". I sensed Dettol was saying, boys, use this soap and you get to f*ck older ladies".

If their intention was to depict the female was the the caregiver, then the position of her head should have been clearly higher than that of the boy. Just imagine you were in tears and someone was to comfort you. Imagine how it would appear if your head was positioned higher than theirs.

And her arms, one of 'em cradled the boy's head and the other barely reached his shoulders. That's some ready to kiss posture from my experiences. Then the boy's arms went all the way, saying "Babe, you ain't going anywhere".

Two, MAXIMUM PROTECTION. How would a soap guarantee maximum protection, is Durex out of the market? That was way too suggestive.

My interpretation of the ad was; use Dettol for MAXIMUM PROTECTION during sexual activities between preteen an older woman.

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