Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who Is Your Papa?

In this day and age where ascribed status played a crucial rule in an individual's success in life, it was important for those born in affluence to be grateful. There were people whose parents were too damn broke, yet they do not see themselves achieving more. That's life for you. The best an individual in such situation can do is to build a foundation for their kids. Unless the person had another Facebook concept, they would end up working all their life to build an empire only their kids would enjoy.

I remember back in primary school where my peer group (including my humble self) lied about our parent's worth. Those lies were beautiful tales of what 'my daddy just bought…' and 'my daddy is a…' We said them to brag and sadly some continued with such innocent lies in secondary school, then the university. A few went ahead as denying their parents when they showed up during Open Days, P.T.A's, and other school programmes. Those were the ones whose lies about their parents far exceeded reality. A girl vehemently denied her dad 'cause he wore hipsters to school during an Open Day. It would have been better if it was in the 1970s but in 2002 that was out of trend. Some were lucky to have cool parents. Charlie Boy had a son in my school and he represented. Although I doubt the way he dressed nowadays made sense for someone his age.

A parent's influence was important when it came to setting the children up to be self-sufficient. This was when the kids were grown and society expected them to stop depending on parent's allowance. Some use their influence to fix their kids up in an organization, some parents beg other parents to fix their kids up. Some parents don't even have an idea who to seek for assistance. Those were the ones who write CVs and their parents tell 'em "remember the daughter/son of whom you are" before they stepped out every day.

I'll end this piece with one of the luckiest kids in the world. They were lucky because their dad wasn't their biological father yet they benefitted from his fame/wealth. These were the Michael Jackson's kids. Each kid was a product of a sperm donor. Imagine the balls one of his former bodyguards had when he claimed he was the sperm donor of one his kids, Blanket. If I were the kid I would curse that bodyguard and deny him. "Is it by force to be your son?" In this era where people dream of a billionaire coming to claim them as their long lost child, an ex bodyguard wants to make the child live a nightmare.


  1. lol at "is it by force to be your son?"

    Ahh this denying parents was common in my school. I didn't chop liver to ever deny my parents sha. The kind slap I for get eh, their pictures would be etched in my face.

    1. A 'big boy' ran from the Dad & chilled in his car during open day at the car park. His dad got back to the car with a cane flogging the guy. Everyone began to laugh as his Dad screamed, "Why did you RAN when you SAW me" while flogging the guy.