Monday, April 23, 2012

I Met Michael Jockson

I was at an event when I spotted Michael Jockson. I was amazed how the guy put in so much effort to resemble the one and only King of Pop (even in death). He had the hair, clothes, and specs of the black/white Michael Jackson during Thriller days.

He attracted so much attention and lots of peeps wanted to take pictures with him. The guy was seriously feeling himself and he had someone walking with him, Tito Jockson. He was also dressed in a similar attire but was quite impatient with Michael Jockson stopping every minute to smile in front of a camera. Tito Jockson said, "Michael, let's keep moving". Michael Jockson replied, "Hold on a sec' I have to please the fans" (for him mind).

During the event, which was a singing competition, he got on his feet while a girl was performing and people diverted their attention from the stage to him as he bust a move, rudely interrupting the performance. The girl failed to make it to the next round. Thanks to him.

I was confused why a guy would want to earn a living in Nigeria as a black Michael Jackson lookalike. How much did he stand to earn? I had an idea as I got into my friend's car on our way back home. Michael Jockson and Tito Jockson was at the bus stop, yea, chilling for a ₦50 bus to Obalende.