Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Need Me a Super Duper Injunction

Read about injunctions and super-injunctions and I still don't know how it was suppose to work. For those of you who have no idea I'll use an example of a footballer who cheated on his wife with a TV star, Imogen Thomas. Let us assume the name of the footballer was Ryan Giggs (for simplicity), he filed for a super injunction making it an offence to have his name published in the media or anywhere else in the UK (except Scotland, I think) for having the affair for privacy sake. The stupid part to me is that everybody knows Ryan Giggs was messing around with Imogen but as long as you were in England you have to pretend you had no idea. Then it was all on twitter and the next action was to arrest the whistle blowers on twitter (make that over 50,000).
The whole super injunction reminds me of hypocrites and fake friends who have opposite ways of behaving in one's presence and absence. When I think about it I don't need a super injunction, I already got one and so do you. What is the point of filing an injunction for you messing up when those close to you won't tell you not to make you feel bad and those not close to you...well, you don't care about what they say.

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