Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buka Pt. 1: N50 rice, N30 Beans, N40 Plaintain, 2 Pomo and 3 beef

If I am to make a guess I'll say over 90 percent of my meals were eaten in fast food joints or Bukas. Name anyone in Lagos, I know them all. Iya Rose, Iya Bola, Iya Segun, Mama Pato, Iya Rose Powerline, Calabar Kitchen, HomeMade, Sharp Corner, Mama Saudi, Mama Paul, Elewa Ghanyin...the list is endless. If you ask anyone paranoid about eating outside their homes they would obviously list dangers associated with this habit. But I have to admit it was a very good/bad habit to stop. There was this satisfying feeling knowing whenever you wake up or whenever you were hungry there was a nice plate waiting for you someone as long as you could afford it. Which wife or husband could go through the stress of preparing Rice for you early Monday money and fry plaintain as well. In short, which loving wife can you tell you want N50 rice, N30 Beans, N40 Plaintain, 2 Pomo and 3 beef for breakfast. It saves cooking time and washing plates which I detest.
I asked myself if I was ever going to stop If I ever got married and I doubt it. I realised no matter how much a girl cooked for me I still craved for the buka taste. The difference is clear just like Jollof rice cooked with fire wood and those with a cooking gas. I've made up my mind, Buka food na d main thing. Until...