Friday, May 27, 2011

Buka Pt. 3: This is the final Part

Habits are difficult to stop. Even after being hospitalised for food poisoning I couldn't stop patronising bukas. I told myself, "better luck next time". I became a 'food inspector' whenever I went out to eat, asking all sorts of questions before buying. I had a close call at one buka one day...
Senatorial Elections were supposed to hold on a Saturday 2011 and due to poor planning it was cancelled and rescheduled around midday. A curfew had been imposed for the duration of the election exercise and that also had to be lifted. A lot of these Bukas were confused if they should still open for service or not. A lot that opened suffered the consequences and had enough food that lasted to Monday.
I went to one of those Bukas on that Monday and ordered for fufu with egusi mixed with draw. That woman had mind as she served me fufu that was brown in colour. Before I could say a word she said, "Na today own". I proved her that I had been a buka patron from infant and analysed why the meal was days old- from the fufu to the softness of the beef. The men I met there stopped eating and had their eyes on the woman. She couldn't deny it any longer and began to apologise. I felt like a buka hero that day.
With all my ups and downs with bukas I felt what could possibly go wrong? I found out a month later, appendicitis. As I was being wheeled to surgery my mind flashed to the various bukas I had been to. Some get addicted to alcohol, mine was only buka and I had to go through all these. The doctor said it was about to rupture in 3 different places. All these experiences gave me an idea, open my food poisoning-appendicitis free Buka. Maybe that was my calling.


  1. u have your own Buka now? #DEAD

  2. Kitkat I'm working on it. I'll send you a plate. Once I have a place, a chef, menu,, sure, why not?