Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buka Pt. 2: N5,000 for N150

I discovered a Calabar Kitchen in my area. To be honest the girls there were the only thing Calabar about the buka, the food was so so. I guessed since I preferred the taste of buka meals dating a Calabar girl that worked in one would be the 'perfect match'. I normally don't do area p but the idea of maybe, just maybe, eating free food would be great. There was one major problem, their food didn't make sense notwithstanding time of day or night. There was a time I thought stones were part of the ingredients. I found difficulty eating but as my eyes caught the Calabar girl I smiled cause I knew I was making progress in establishing our 'relationship'.
The food never felt well in my system and every time I left there I would branch to a pharmacy and buy capsules of tetracycline and flagyl for the stomach ache I anticipated. Not all relationships were perfect anyway. One night the ache began and I had no capsule left, I was in serious pain and all I could do was blame myself for eating badly prepared food. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital being treated for food poisoning. A nurse gave me the medical bill, N5,000 for eating a N150 food. I pitied myself and told myself no buka for me again...who was I kidding?


  1. Hahahahaha.... this was funny. Sorry about what happened though..

  2. LOL but u knew what u signed up for. Food cooked outside the home, especially mama put & buka, are obviously not so hygienic. Pele sha

  3. Your gamble might yet yield dividends though, if the Calabar girl gree your runs... Maybe you should stick to only coca cola though. :p